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-I love Elizabeth the matchmaker.
-Really intrigued by the Kate/Connie story but can understand fans' frustration if they've already seen the "fakeout" once. (It's numero uno for me!)
-Who else is shouting at the screen, "Kiss him, Carly!!!"
And then the AJ shield - ugh.
-I'm officially on edge now that Sabrina expressed her feelings to Patrick. It just got very interesting in this story...
-On the one hand, I'm thinking, "Poor Ellie." On the other hand, I'm thinking, that's STOLEN PROPERTY. Team Tracy, baby! AJ couldn't sue her or guilt-trip her. Doesn't she know that? Forget Spinelli's betrayal. What AJ did was illegal and unethical.
-Alice is a wrestler?! I'm falling more and more in love with GH by the episode.
-Oh, my goodness, did Damon really eat the recipe?! Now I dislike him. "Get out of my house," indeed, Tracy! I love the energy Jane Elliot brings to every scene she's in! Always earning every penny of her paycheck. That's soap opera!
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