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Mar 11 2013, 10:53 PM
Honestly at this point all we can hope for is that it ties or goes above GH's ratings. Let's face it: Days will never go above Y&R, and most people don't watch day soaps anymore. They've done everything they could IMO. They brought back John and Marlena, Lucas, Jennifer and Jack, Carrie and Austin, and the ratings stayed pretty much the same. If we're going to stay neutral and say that couples don't make the show, then the very presence of these characters on screen should have brought back the supposed millions that left the show because of their firing. I'm just hoping that Days stays on the air and doesn't get cancelled.
I have no idea how this would be considered neutral. If we wanted to stay neutral, we'd say that it depends on the storytelling. Millions haven't come or left because of firings. Those characters weren't around the last time the show had ratings success. That's really no more the point than couples making or breaking ratings. All of my favorites were in one story last year, and it was one of the worst stories I've ever seen. It wasn't bad because of the characters; it was bad because of the writing. The mere presence of characters is definitely not enough.
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