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"My Dad trusts you more than he trusts me." - Sami to Lucas
Made me smile. The Sami of old lives again.

I love the color of Stefano's tie and handkerchief. He looks as dapper as ever. Loved the smirk on Brady's face when Stefano asked if the gift in his hand was for him. LOL @ Stefano warning him not to hurt Kristen - Brady couldn't BE more of a hapless puppy dog in this relationship. He is putty in her hands. It must be exhausting to be with someone so malleable.

Chloe delivering orders to Nancy and Anne like they're the hired help is annoying. Her dynamic with them them needs to improve...somehow. I guess that'd require they act a little less like 14 year old mean girls? Nancy continues to be the voice of (some) reason, but we know it's all for nothing, so...I guess I just need to make my peace with the car crash this is inevitably going to become before Chloe and Nancy leave town again and stop looking for slivers of hope.
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