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I am a little late to the party, but ohmigod you guys, I am at a loss for breath right now, I am not sure I can get my words together, the room is spinning a little -


I am going to go emoticon crazy because I haven't had much reason to in a long time: :wub2: :wub: :cheer: :cloud9: :D :)

Those scenes were made of awesome. Made of win. Made of the aurora borealis. Made of everything that is good about this life.

So I am going to gush about them because I have had so little to be thrilled about. I was thisclose to calming my fangirl, to shutting that door for a little awhile, but then I am thrown this crumb - b/c a crumb it is - smothered in delicious history and off the charts Lumi chem, and I am suckered in again.

They were fantastic - the scenes, the actors, the characters. Oh, how I have missed scheming Lumi. It made me feel 13 and with a full, not yet broken heart all over again. Why did the writers ever veer from this dynamic? Even within romantic Lumi, while those years were wonderful, I am not sure why Lumi weren't kept schemers. Growth and evolution is great, and I liked that - but when you have such a fantastic foundation for these two, why would anyone think throwing it out the window was a good idea?

I loved Sami signalling to Lucas in the HTS. I absolutely HATED HATED her pink streak. Oh jeez Sami - it made her look old and out of touch but desperately trying to be in touch. Gross. Did love her lipstick though - peaches and neutrals are best for her. And Lucas was looking very yummy today. And was overall extra perfection.

But I loved the banter, the working together, the trip down memory lane going through the case files, the way I swear Lucas had this "aww that's my girl" expression when he saw the equipment Sami brought for their break-in. Loved the snarky and the friendly and the chemistry that will ALWAYS be there for me. I personally don't understand the talk of Lumi best as BFF's - I swear for me there is a deeper connection in everything they do. Frenemy is just a surface layer for something much more interesting and exciting simmering underneath the surface. I will never be fully satisfied with anything less than my dream scenario for these two - I need them back together! LOL but realistically, if friends is what I get, then friends is what I'll take. They turn everything into magic. And I really did not expect this much Lumi time working for their son in the aftermath of the baby reveal. So I am very thrilled. Sad for my own reasons, but still thrilled :wub2:

OK - rant over.
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