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Mar 12 2013, 07:51 AM
Mar 12 2013, 05:46 AM
I am a little late to the party, but ohmigod you guys, I am at a loss for breath right now, I am not sure I can get my words together, the room is spinning a little -


I am going to go emoticon crazy because I haven't had much reason to in a long time: :wub2: :wub: :cheer: :cloud9: :D :)

Those scenes were made of awesome. Made of win. Made of the aurora borealis. Made of everything that is good about this life.

So I am going to gush about them because I have had so little to be thrilled about. I was thisclose to calming my fangirl, to shutting that door for a little awhile, but then I am thrown this crumb - b/c a crumb it is - smothered in delicious history and off the charts Lumi chem, and I am suckered in again.

They were fantastic - the scenes, the actors, the characters. Oh, how I have missed scheming Lumi. It made me feel 13 and with a full, not yet broken heart all over again. Why did the writers ever veer from this dynamic? Even within romantic Lumi, while those years were wonderful, I am not sure why Lumi weren't kept schemers. Growth and evolution is great, and I liked that - but when you have such a fantastic foundation for these two, why would anyone think throwing it out the window was a good idea?

I loved Sami signalling to Lucas in the HTS. I absolutely HATED HATED her pink streak. Oh jeez Sami - it made her look old and out of touch but desperately trying to be in touch. Gross. Did love her lipstick though - peaches and neutrals are best for her. And Lucas was looking very yummy today. And was overall extra perfection.

But I loved the banter, the working together, the trip down memory lane going through the case files, the way I swear Lucas had this "aww that's my girl" expression when he saw the equipment Sami brought for their break-in. Loved the snarky and the friendly and the chemistry that will ALWAYS be there for me. I personally don't understand the talk of Lumi best as BFF's - I swear for me there is a deeper connection in everything they do. Frenemy is just a surface layer for something much more interesting and exciting simmering underneath the surface. I will never be fully satisfied with anything less than my dream scenario for these two - I need them back together! LOL but realistically, if friends is what I get, then friends is what I'll take. They turn everything into magic. And I really did not expect this much Lumi time working for their son in the aftermath of the baby reveal. So I am very thrilled. Sad for my own reasons, but still thrilled :wub2:

OK - rant over.
i was annoyed the most about it in 2007 there was not scheming Lumi
That is what I will never understand. Lucas and Sami were the first of Sami's pairings to go from friends to enemies to lovers, the first to scheme the first to do the majority of the stuff and then when they could have been awesome and schemed their assess out of Sami divorcing him to marry a Dimera to save her family from death....she caved and he folded...it was just so unlike Sami and Lucas...it really was....you can even say it really took a turn with Will shooting Ej and Lucas trying to cover it up and take the blame so that the spotlight wouldn't be on his son.....but even before that, there was no attempt by the writers to make them go back to their scheming roots and now they were more mature, adults and the schemes should have worked out just the same way they worked out back then but this time it would make more sense for an adult Lumi to scheme for themselves, to keep others away instead of scheming to get others...it would have been gold and they missed the opportunity to do that.
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