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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Brady fingers the plaque. I have so few things attached to my mom and that was really nice of my Dad to do this for me. Kristen - If he really did. It doesn't matter if it didn't come from the actual gondola. Brady - Are you saying that he made it up? Kristen - No, your father loves you very much. He would go to a lot of trouble to give you something that would mean a lot to you. Brady - It's just not the way I expected him to react to me moving in here. Maybe we can mend some fences. Kristen - Wouldn't that be something. Brady has a housewarming gift for her. He goes to get it. After he leaves the room Kristen mutters - Nice try John. It's not going to work.

Marlena breaks the hug with Roman and smiles at John. I didn't know you were coming home. John - Well I can see that.

Rafe calls out to Lucas (they're at the town square). How's Will? Lucas - How's Will, seriously? Rafe - Yeah I know this whole thing with Gabi was quite a scare, wasn't it? Lucas - Yeah it was. Rafe - Here's the deal. You're going to hear it anyways so I might as well tell you. Nick and Gabi are getting married tomorrow. Lucas - Congratulations. Rafe - They're a little young but evidently it's what they want to do so who am I to stand in their way. Sami's probably going to freak out when she hears so try and keep her calm. Lucas - Will do. Rafe - And away from those kids. Thanks man. Lucas - See you. As soon as Rafe is gone Sami stomps up to Lucas. Lucas - He has no idea. Sami - No he doesn't. I was trying to warn you. Sorry I didn't say anything. Lucas - Rafe has no idea Nick is blackmailing Will out of the baby's life.

Hope comes into the pub. Hey cuz, did I miss the party? Jen - Yeah. Hope - Was it fun? Jen - That wouldn't be the word. Hope - What would be the word? Do you want to tell me about it? Jen - There's really nothing to tell. What's up with you? Hope - Just getting ready for Nick's wedding tomorrow. Thank you so much for letting me use the house. Jen - Yeah of course. Hope - Talk to me. Jen insists she's fine. Hope doesn't agree. What happened?

Chloe breaks the kiss long enough to tell Dan - Don't fight it. She kisses him again. Dan pulls back - What are you doing? Chloe - You're upset. It looked like you needed a friend. Dan - Maybe, not this. I don't need this.

Kristen looks up when she hears footsteps in the living room. Father. Stefano smiles - Yes Father. Aren't you going to welcome me home?

Segment 2: Kristen gives him a hug. Harold and Mary have been working so hard to get the house together for you. Stefano can see that they took care of the bullet holes. Kristen laughs. Everything else is the same though. I know this place has a lot of memories for you but what do you think about changing things a little bit. Stefano - It's been my life. I don't mind the memories. You've got your little boy toy coming here - something new. Kristen - If you're referring to the man in my life Brady, he's upstairs. He'll be down shortly. Stefano - It is so quiet. Kristen - EJ and Chad weren't sure exactly what time you were going to be back. Why don't I call them? Maybe they'll join us for dinner later. Stefano - Maybe? Kristen - Yeah, well. Mary is so anxious to start cooking for you again. She's sure you've been living off pastries and espressos since you've been gone. She wants to get you healthy. Stefano - Am I still at death's door? Kristen - I told you we weren't doing that. You seem a little cranky. Is this not the welcome home you were hoping for? What is it? It will all fall into place. Now that you're home let the boys come to you. We've already had a visitor. John Black was here. Stefano chuckles. Did he see Brady here? Kristen - He certainly did. He came armed. I'm sure you caught him off guard with the news about Brady when you were in Europe but he's back on his game and he's damned good.

Marlena - What was that about? Roman - Yeah John, are you kidding? Doc was concerned and worried you were off the grid. She's not supposed to talk to old friends? John - Ex-husbands. Marlena - That's insulting. John - I don't know what to expect these days Doc. Roman - Well stick around and you will. John - May I have a word with my wife please. Roman - Sure. Nice to see you again too John. He leaves. Marlena - Why would you do that to Roman? You had to know better. John - I don't assume anything anymore. Marlena - Despite the last 5 minutes I'm still so happy to see you. Am I a fool to hope? John - About what? Marlena - You're coming home to your wife.

Lucas - I know why Nick didn't say anything to Rafe but do you think Gabi knows? Sami - No but I think she's going to figure it out. Lucas - Not if Will convinces her he doesn't care about his own child. Sami - That is not going to happen. I have a plan. Lucas - That is the scariest sentence you ever say. I don't want to hear it. Sami - Don't wuss out on me. Do you want to hear this or not? Lucas - No. Sami - Nick has 2 things he's hanging this blackmail on. One, the recording he made of you and Will talking about the shooting and two, the evidence the police have from the cabin. If those 2 things go away ... Lucas - If they go away? Sami - Things get lost. It happens. And EJ's already getting to work on getting rid of that recording. Lucas - So this is his plan. Sami - No! Okay, we worked on it together. I don't want Will to go to prison and I don't want him to lose his child. Lucas - Neither do I. Sami - Okay then. You and I have to go deal with the evidence at the police station tonight!

Jen - So Nancy told me she came to Salem because Daniel wanted her to help with Parker. Did you hear what I just said? Hope - Yeah. Jen scoffs - Nancy Wesley to help! Can you imagine if Mike were here right now, how horrible that would be. Hope - So what happened. Jen - It just turned into a huge fight between me and Daniel. Hope - Why was Daniel mad? Jen - He wasn't, I was because this is his solution! He said he was going to find a way so that Chloe couldn't interfere with us anymore. He was going to find a go between to help with Parker and it's Nancy! Hope - I get it! What I don't get is why you're mad at Daniel about this.

Dan - I don't want this. You're beautiful but it's not us ... we've both moved on and I am with Jennifer. Chloe - Are you? Dan - Yes, I am trying to be. You should go.

Segment 3: Lucas - What do you want to do? Take the property clerk at the Salem PD hostage? Sami shushes him. No! Don't be so dramatic. I have this whole thing figured out. Yes they keep the evidence in the evidence room but I found out that because of budget cuts they put the old files and the dead cases in a storage room with key card access. Lucas - And who has the key cards? Sami - Lots of people we know. Lucas - And they're just going to lend them to us, no problem. Sami - They won't know the difference. We'll be in and out in a flash. It's not like we're going to take real evidence that they need for real criminals. Lucas - Alright, so we get the evidence and Will's home free. Sami - Exactly. Lucas - Except there's one problem. He's already signed away his rights to the baby. Sami - Like 2 mins ago. Besides the baby isn't even born yet. Any judge in his right mind would toss that out. Nick wouldn't be able to do a damn thing about it. Lucas - So we get the evidence and he's got nothing to back him up. Sami - Yes, that sounds more like the Lucas Horton I know and love. Lucas - I'm a little reluctant to go to jail these days okay but fine I'm in.

Chloe - I'm sorry if I misunderstood. Dan - You did. Chloe - But you are in bad shape and you shouldn't be alone so please don't kick me out. Dan - I just need sleep. Chloe - Yes you do and I will stay here until you fall asleep. Dan - No, I don't need this. You've got to go. He opens the door - Please go. Chloe - Are you sure? Dan - I'm sure. Goodnight. He closes the door. He drinks some of that remedy Chloe made him and then picks up his phone. He gets Jen's voicemail. He stumbles over his words - ends up saying this is no good. Never mind.

Hope - Daniel offered you a solution to the Chloe problem so he welcomed Chloe's mom here to help with the baby. It's not an unreasonable idea. Jen - It's Nancy! Hope - I know that ... Maxine walks up to them and asks Jen what she's still doing here. Go and see Daniel and make this right or you will not like what you find on your desk tomorrow morning. Hope smiles - She's serious. Better listen to her. Jen says okay. She listens to Dan's message - so does Hope as it's on speaker phone. Hope - He reached out to you. Jen - He hung up. Hope - Maybe he was cut off. He sounded like a mess. Jen - Yeah he does.

Chloe returns to Dan's apt. She tells Nancy - Don't say a word. You were right. I tipped my hand to Daniel. Nancy - He's drunk, chances are he won't remember a thing when he wakes up. Chloe - Unless it's about Jennifer. I don't see why I can't make him forget about her.

John sits down. You are my wife, that's still a fact. Marlena - Does that mean anything to you? John - Nothing's changed. Marlena - You're home! John - Brady's moved into the DiMera mansion. Marlena - You've been getting my messages. John - No, Stefano told me and he loved every minute of it. Marlena - So that's why you came back. John - I stopped by the DiMera mansion as soon as I landed. Brady's already in. Marlena - That's our priority, to get him out of there. John - MY priority. Marlena - You don't want my help. John - I can handle this. Marlena - Alright. What about us? How do you plan to handle that? John - One day at a time. Sorry, I've got to go.

Kristen - John was so calm like nothing was going to get to him. He wouldn't take any of the easy bait. He had a present for Brady from some stupid canoe that his mother supposedly rode around in. John probably had the thing made up but the point is he didn't make any noise about me, he didn't ask anything, he just handed Brady this sweet little thing that's supposed to have a precious connection to his mother. Stefano - Smart man. Kristen - I guess he won this round but it's a marathon not a sprint and I've got the legs for it. Kristen tells Stefano she's going to see John. I'll be back in a few minutes. Why don't you settle in and say hi to Brady; get reacquainted. Stefano - What fun! Kristen - Try not to scare him. Bye. He notices the disarray around the chess board and mutters I won't even ask. Brady comes back and sees Stefano in the room. Stefano sees the gift in his hand - For me! You shouldn't have.

Segment 4: Lucas and Sami enter Hope's dark office. Sami will search it and Lucas will be the lookout. Lucas agrees but thinks they should have a code in case someone is coming - a code word like we're going to jail. Sami is searching through the desk drawers when she hears her father asking Lucas what he's doing here. Lucas - Looking for Hope. Sami stomps to another room (making enough noise to alert the entire city of her presence but somehow Roman doesn't hear her) and hides behind the door as Lucas and Roman enter Hope's office. Roman comments that normally the door would be locked. Maybe she's just out for a while. Lucas asks if he's working late tonight. Roman has an interrogation that could take a couple of hours. Are you ready to go? Lucas - Can I leave Hope a note? Roman - Yeah but don't mess with anything. Hope has a system. You mess it up, she'll hurt you. Roman leaves. Sami comes back into the room. I knew I brought you for a reason. My dad trusts you more than he does me. Lucas - It doesn't matter. That's it. We're out. Let's go. Sami - No! Lucas - We're not going to mess up Hope's office. She's got a system ... Sami - We don't have to. He says he's going to be in an interrogation for hours. We can use his key card. I know exactly where he keeps it. Come on. Lucas - Oh great. We get to break into 2 detective's offices in one day. Sami - We won't break anything. I know where he keeps the key card. We can use that and get that evidence out of the storage room. Lucas - Well, when you put it like that ...

Brady - Where's Kristen? Stefano - On an errand for me. Brady - How was your flight. Stefano - Long. Brady - This is very awkward for both of us. I want you to know that I love your daughter and she wanted us to live here and that is why I'm here. Stefano - You say that you love her. Brady - I love her very much. I want to make her happy but that doesn't mean I've lost my good sense or my memory. I don't trust you, probably never will. Stefano - Fair enough. When Brady turns to leave Stefano asks him where he is going. I have something to say to you too.

Kristen throws the plaque John gave to Brady in front of him. (He's at a table at the outdoor cafe). Are you short of change? You could always leave that as a tip. Even cheap brass is worth something. John - Does Brady know you have that? Kristen - Where do you think I got it? BTW that was a wonderful story you told him. She claps. I almost bought the whole tragic gondola saga. John - It was all true. Kristen - Your nose is growing. It was a stupid gimmick and it's not going to work.

Sami and Lucas let themselves into the dark storage room. I think the files will be in the back by date or alphabetically. She hands Lucas a flashlight and gloves. Lucas can't believe she brought equipment with her. Sami reminds him that Salem PD has both of their fingerprints on file. Sami starts looking on one side and Lucas the other.

Dan gags on somemore of the drink Chloe mixed. He talks himself out of drinking and dialing. He goes out into the hall leaving his door open.

Jen is going to see Daniel. Hope is going back to the station. Let me know how things go. Jen says goodbye to Maxine. Anne watches it all.

Chloe whines to her mother about Jen. Anne calls and tells her that Jennifer is on her way to see Daniel. Chloe begs Anne to stop her. Anne - Relax, I've got your back. Chloe tells Nancy she has to get to Daniel's. Nancy - Before you go, think. Chloe imagines Dan opening the door to Jen and then Jen praising her to Dan - wondering why Dan would want her when he can have Chloe. Then Dan tells her I love you, only you. Nancy - I don't think she'd say nice things about you. Chloe - Sure she would, she's a freakin' saint, haven't you heard? Nancy - Okay but come on Jennifer wouldn't fall back into Daniel's arms just like that. Chloe - Are you kidding me! If he said all those sweet romantic things to her - it worked on me all the time. Watch Parker. Nancy - Please don't make things worse. Chloe grabs the bottle of Nancy's sleeping pills. Nancy protests - I need those to sleep. Chloe - I will bring them back. Don't wait up.

Segment 5: Stefano - I lost Kristen once and I'm not going to let it happen again. You say that you love her but now you have to prove it because if I get the slightest hint that you try to hurt her ... Brady - I would never hurt her. I'm not playing any games with your daughter. I love her very much. Do you have any idea what being with her has cost me? I would not hurt her. Stefano - If you hurt her in any way at all you will have to deal with me.

John - Brady is going to miss this. Kristen - Actually he just dropped it on the table and went about his life. That's the kind of thing that ends up in the back of a drawer along with expired passports and foreign coins. I'm still funny, huh? John - No you're clueless. If that's what you really think you don't know my son at all because that is a connection to his mother - he shoves the plaque back towards her. Kristen - That is a connection to you. That's your plan, right?

Rafe is in Hope's office talking on his cell. Yeah he remembers that; that case is cold as hell. You're kidding me! I'm going to pull the evidence; stay right there.

Sami and Lucas are walking through the room looking at boxes. Salem Stalker, John's shooting, Trent Robbin's homicide ... Sami - Hey look up at there. Lucas - They all say DiMera. Sami - That one says DiMera shooting. Lucas - You've got to be a little more specific. Sami - The date is 2007. That's when EJ was shot. Sami - Help me. I have to get it down before someone comes. Rafe shows up outside the door and starts looking for his key card.

Somehow Anne is now outside the pub and she blocks the doorway when Jen tries to leave. Anne starts talking about work. Jen tells her it's after hours. Call me at work. Anne points out this is a work function. Jen snaps at her. Anne pretends to be scared and then smiles. Finally Anne lets Jen go by but she knocks into her. Jen asks if she's going to drive. Anne tells her it's none of her business. It is Jen's business if she's going to drive drunk and kill someone. Do not get behind the wheel of a car. After Jen leaves Anne says - You better be ready Chloe.

Chloe knocks on Dan's partially opened door. She lets herself in when he doesn't respond. She hears him asking where he can get ice. She takes one of Nancy's pills and breaks it into the drink she had mixed. She doesn't notice the pill bottle falling out of her purse to the floor. She hides in the bathroom. Dan puts some ice into the drugged drink and drinks it.

Segment 6: Kristen - Brady belongs to me now. You're not going to get him back with cheap gimmicks. John - I can afford a lot more than that. Kristen - There's nothing you can do sweetie. I've taken what you love most and I'm not giving it back.

Sami and Lucas hear someone at the door. They hide. Rafe puts on the lights and starts looking around. He places a call. Duncan, I've got it. Keep your guy in his seat sweating, I'm on my way. He picks up the box and stops - looks around and leaves. Sami calls to Lucas.

Chloe gets a call. Anne - Code Red, Jennifer's on her way to Daniel's right now. (Dan is sleeping on top of the bedcovers fully dressed). Chloe says it's too soon. Anne - I slowed her down. I did my best. She's probably there already. Chloe - OMG, I'm not ready. Anne - Well you have to get ready. What are you going to do? Chloe - Let me think. Anne - There's no time to think. You have to take action right now so do something. Jen stands outside the door.

Segment 7: Chloe quickly removes Dan's shirt and turns him over onto his back and pulls the covers up to waist.

John - Are you done? Kristen - Yeah, for now. John - And do you realise how badly you tipped your hand? Why are you really here? Kristen - I'm here to save Brady from a lot of pain because it hurts him everytime you force him to push you away. But he will keep pushing you away as long as you refuse to accept us so you can keep your presents to yourself unless of course they're for me. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Lucas is holding Sami up - Can you get it? Sami is trying. Lucas - Any day now okay. Rafe returns to Hope's office. Hope - Do you think this gang is involved in Mission Street? Rafe - Yeah it looks like. Hope - Good, then you can go home and start thinking about this wedding tomorrow. Jen's been great about the house but there's still so many things to take care of. What about a honeymoon? Rafe? Hello? Rafe? Where were you? Lucas - When did you put on weight? Sami - About the same time you stopped working out. Back in Hope's office Rafe mutters - Smell. Hope - You want the wedding to smell? How? Rafe - What? No, the smell in the evidence room. I know that smell. Sami says - I got it! Two more minutes and we're home free.

Jen knocks on Dan's door. Chloe opens the door pretending to be surprised.
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