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It was great seeing classic old school Lucas and Sami along with the classic old school scheming along the orginal Partners in crime team up once more with Lucas and Sami scheming together to help Will.

I love Lucas and Sami and loved the way they both made each other smile and truly light up when they were scheming together the way Sami lit up around Lucas to get him to scheme with her and lit up even more and was really happy after he said yes was adorable when she got really excited about scheming with Lucas.

I loved seeing Lucas smirk when he mentioned Sami brought the equipment and the gloves and loved that she did and smirked and even started checking her out as well. Loved the cough signal about the code word they came up with too go to jail with Lucas coughing it out was cute and I loved when Sami said please Lucas and the look she gave him was adorable aslo and I loved that he gave in and schemed with Sami to help Will and love how Lucas and Sami were on the same page to do whatever they have to do to help Will and I love when Sami said theirs the Lucas Horton I know and love.

It so great hearing Sami say she still loves Lucas for she does and I do think she still has unresolved feelings for him that are still their for him that weren't resolved feelings from before are starting to return once and are starting to come back to surface once more for they never died and are still their and she still has feelings for Lucas and will want to explore those feelings she has for Lucas again in the near future and shes still in love with Lucas and loves Lucas with all her heart and she told him this in this episode.

So hopefully one day soon the writers will revist our Lucas and Sami again and let them be reunite once more for good this time for I really want that too happen their wonderful together and make a great team and are always really fun to watch together as well.

I love how Lucas had Sami's back here and distracted Roman while she snuck into the evindence room. I love how excited Sami got trying to get Lucas attention too when he was talking to Rafe that was adorable as well.

I love lines exchanged between the two of them during their conversation. I loved John and Marlena too as well in today's episode too and loved that John said that Marlena is wife and loved how he got jealous over the Roman hug letting Marlena know he still loves her and she still loves him too and she wants to be with him and I could sense that with John too that he still loves Marlena and wants to be with her too and I loved their conversation and love how Marlena wanted to work with John to help him save Brady from Kristen and Stefano.

It was great seeing Lucas and Sami and John and Marlena together today in this episode and watching both of them truly made me smile and brought great joy seeing both them interacting with each other in today's episode with each other with classic old school Lucas and Sami scheming and Partners in crime to help Will and Marlena wanting to help John save Brady from Kristen and Stefano. I loved this episode for it was really fun to watch and really funny also watching Lucas and Sami share many priceless and loved that Lucas smirked when he noticed Sami brought the equipment and the gloves as well lines through out their conversation when they were talking about scheming together to help Will.

I loved when Lucas lifted Sami up to the top shelf so she could get the box on the top shelf. I loved all the John and Marlena scenes along with the Lucas and Sami scenes as well for both stole the show today and were really awesome.
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