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A couple of scenes dont make a storyline. And since I think sami's relationship with Ej is the worse out of all. And her relationship with Rafe doesn't make much sense either. And to tell the trith Lumi really don't have any real relationship on this show To say this is the best is basically. Pure B S.
Agreed, I mean - c'mon on now. A scene is not a relationship. That is like saying because Same and Lucas are Will's parents that they work great as co-parents, even if we actually don't really ever see them work together as parents (yesterday notwithstanding, as that was a rare recent glimpse, and another reason why Monday's scenes made me happy). And I don't think a snarky buddy buddy relationship with Lucas alone makes any kind of sense, so that doesn't work for me. But, I realize beggars can't be choosers, so I will take what I am spared. But this is not a perfect version of a Lumi relationship imo, and it's also not really a "relationship" based on one or two scenes. But if we get more with the two of them together, then I will reconsider what the show is trying to establish as a current relationship for Lumi.
I think the point of the original poster said, and which I agreed with, is this would be a fantastic balance for all three of her men. If she's going to be with EJ, we need to see her bad girl side - not her false heroine BS. If we're going to see her with Lucas, they need to have scheming banter. Etc. Obviously, each fanbase wants romance for their ship. Giving them those crumbs has turned Sami into glorified whore. I'd prefer these crumbs - and for them to actually solidify their relationships in this way. No more back and forth, just adult relationships, and adult stories within the realities of these dynamics. We've seen more of the real Sami in the past week than we have in years (which also explains her dynamic with Rafe now). It is unlikely to stay like that - she hasn't had consistent writing in years - but I would like it to.

I was always a Sami fan first, and I loved watching her fail due to her failings being a schemer. I loved Lucas and Sami all through the 90s like many LUMIs but my issue was once they were a couple, especially post-Reilly, they failed to write for LUMI. They forgot just about everything that made them work together as enemies, friends, and schemers for over ten years. When EJ came along, I appreciated what they gave to Sami through him. He was a wicked man seeking a wicked woman. Then Sami ceased to be wicked. The balance of her relationships have been wrong since 2006.
That's fine - I understood all 110% (and I also agree about post-Reilly Lumi in a way, although I was always pretty much a crazed fan). I don't think this is the best possible Lumi dynamic so I was just speaking up for the POV. Crazed fan that I am.

I get it, should it seem like the need for balance for Sami and her relationships is lost on me. I completely agree now that the merry-go-round is over, we are allowed new interesting stories and different relationships. This was the only silver lining for me in the idea of Sami being with EJ for now. That burden was doing Sami and story lines in general no favors. Romantic crumbs can be temporarily nice, but might do more harm than good. I just am not ready to say this is the established dynamic for Lumi the show is going with just yet.

Though not my personal ideal, the scheming and the banter we saw Monday is still a pretty fine Lumi dynamic, and my main point (not my secondary shipper "point") was to say that the scenes yesterday did not a relationship make. Or the scenes yesterday and Lumi's first scene post wedding reveal do not a relationship or solid dynamic make. That is all. If this is kept up on any sort of semi regular basis, then I will reconsider as I say. And if this is how the show wants to write Lumi, then fine. But as wonderful as yesterday's scenes were for me, and as well-written and in-character as they were, it was a day of scenes. I am not expecting Lucas and Sami to have a storyline or scenes in every/most episode(s) - I am not that delusional. I am just hoping that if this is their writing, then they get this writing on some consistentish basis, so that I can say the show is showing a relationship between them or that it's a dynamic falling into place.

And I am not saying this to get into a debate about how little airtime Lumi get no they get plenty of airtime you will never be satisfied argument. I am only saying that a day of scenes is not enough to solidify for me a current dynamic or relationship established between Lucas and Sami. If this is the direction the show wants to take, I'll take it - I just want to see it. And if I do, I will agree that the balance between the Sami-men dynamics a) exists; but more importantly b) is well-observed and a wiser way to handle the EX-cess baggage than has previously been attempted.

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