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^ And my "real" point (forget the shipper wishes - that was secondary) was that I am not convinced this is the dynamic for Lumi the show is sticking with after a day or two of such scenes. That this is the relationship between Lucas and Sami that's solidified for the time being. We saw today (Tuesday) the schemes ostensibly came to a halt because the writers, at least Tuesday, seem reluctant to allow Lucas to scheme. Which is a shame if it stays that way. If the partners in crime thing sticks, as in if it continues to play out and Lucas and Sami are given scenes in this vein fairly regularly, then it would work beautifully as it always has. I wasn't disagreeing with that (I disagree that this was ideal Lumi dynamic, but again, that was my secondary interest. I should divide my posts now, between "This is the silly shipper response" and "this is the primary hopefully more substantive response"). And I agree when dynamics are natural, they can just unfold as if they have a life of their own [organically], and stories can evolve from character rather than from plot, which is always preferable. There is no disputing that. I just disagreed that dynamic was IN PLACE for Lumi, and Tuesday's show at least partially temporarily confirmed that for me. A couple of scenes is not enough to reassure me. I hope I am wrong.
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