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Miss Rhi
Mar 11 2013, 10:28 PM
I didn't fully pay attention during this episode because the task just about bored me to tears. Neither of the teams attempts impressed me that much either. Hopefully next week will be better. This episode just seemed like a flat out Universal Studio advertisement more then anything else.

This is part of the reason Stephen Baldwin drives me crazy. He's into all that "Holy, holy I'm so Christian..." crap then does stuff like not paying his taxes to the tune of $350,000. Maybe he should start a church to support himself.

I'm GUILTY of Ducking $350k Tax Bill

Oh goodness me thank you for posting that link. I was thinking last week when Stephen was asked about how much he could contribute and that he was saving his calls for when he was project manager, I suspect he may have exhausted many members of his family and he has been told to not keep asking them for money ( I have no idea of course I am just speculating) but you would imagine that if you knew you were going to be on Celebrity Apprentice that all the folk who might be able to count on to donate money have already been lined up and spoken to before the show and it seems that he does not have a great deal of support in that area. I know not every one has wealthy friends or contacts or family but in Stephen's case you just get the feeling he has burnt his bridges along the way with family and friends and he hides behind the shield of christianity to get away with as much as he can. I am indifferent to him as I was the first time he was on.
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