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Mar 12 2013, 11:37 PM
Mar 12 2013, 01:48 AM
Steve and Kayla's break-up didn't bother me because as thin as the writing was, it was pretty character driven. You could see why Steve would want to pursue a career option when it came, and why Kayla might not be able to deal with it this time. I don't think it was a lack of love.

I hope they don't kill off Bo. Bo and Hope have had enough problems in recent years that it's totally plausible to me that they might split up. Plus the recent "back from the dead" stories have been so predictable and hum drum, it's not really a solution to the story problems for me. Other soaps have done a much better job of keeping couple's stories alive even if they're not together; it's kind of late in the game for that for Days, but the fake deaths are wearing on me.
Steve and Kayla's breakup wasn't that troublesome for me, either, because I felt that it was situation dictated. Stephen was on another show. Days wanted Mary Beth to play Kayla in a recurring capacity. They had to answer questions about Steve's absence, and they did. Some Steve and Kayla fans don't like the fact that they're broken up, but I can deal with it easily enough because circumstances made it necessary. It's better in my eyes than the Mickey treatment.

Not only that, but Steve choosing to work for the ISA can be explained should he ever return, and Kayla's reluctance for him to work for them considering what happened before makes a lot of sense. The writing didn't disrespect them, IMO. They had a problem they couldn't work out. It's been made clear that Kayla was upset, but she doesn't spend a lot of time ripping him apart, and she's told Abby that "sometimes people can't be together forever, no matter how much they love each other."

Fact is, and J/J fans can argue this one if they want to, but I think Steve and Kayla, even in their DIVORCE, got better treatment than Jack and Jennifer did.

If Steve and Kayla had to break up, I think the writers did a pretty good job of dealing with it...and we always have hope of a reunion someday. But actually, I'm hoping that Kayla gets a chance at a new relationship one of these days. It doesn't make sense for Mary Beth to have to wait for any decision on Stephen to have a chance to do some real work.

Now, on Bo and Hope. I don't want Bo dead. I just don't. But I can see where it would make sense in story if they're going to move Hope forward. Bo and Hope...they've gone through a lot. I don't want to see them break up over something completely insignificant because that would be dumb, and giving them the "disagreement over a job" story was done recently with Steve and Kayla, so I don't think they'll drink from that well again this soon.

But to give Hope a real shot at story...maybe Bo should be presumed dead. I know. The show uses that one really often, but what's the best solution?

I think you've hit the nail on the head. Bo & Hope have been though so much - between Billie, Carly, Larry, John, Stefano, Lexie, Megan, Kate, Chelsea, etc. There's no way that they would just break up or have a disagreement about some small thing. Bo & Hope disagreed about continuing to travel and settling down in 1990. They wrote Bo's exit such that Hope was supportive of Bo going after Stefano & trying to uncover something that will finally put him behind bars, so saying that they had problems because Hope wanted Bo home & he wanted to continue following leads wouldn't make sense. As much as Bo's extended absence needs to be addressed, and in more depth than Rafe & Victor asking Hope about Bo & her brushing it off & then no one mentioning it again for a month, at least Bo isn't supposed to be in Salem - he's supposedly off with Shawn, Belle, & Claire.
Bo being presumed dead would make the most sense, especially since Hope's never moved on with another man, even when Bo's been a complete ass. Hope/Larry doesn't really count because Larry was always playing Hope, & Hope never really stopped loving or caring for Bo, and Hope/Patrick was nothing more than a one night stand due to manipulations from Chelsea.
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