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Thanks. I'm just glad that the show gave us as much good stuff as they did. They were push, push, pushing for Jack and Kate to be the "it couple" from day 1, and it was only after they realized the monstrous size of the Sawyer/Kate fanbase that they switched course. Their chemistry was too strong to ignore.

And a big "thank you" to Evangeline Lilly who came right out and said that she thought Kate was better suited for Sawyer....even though the show pushed Jack in the beginning. She was always pro-Skate, despite the producers man-love for Matthew Fox (Jack).
I agree they had great chemistry. Her and Jack were boring. I dont know why they played it that way. I turned out for a while had planned to come back but when i saw the way they were going i was and tuned back out. I am glad she said that. Swayer and Kate were great and it a shame they wasted it. I didnt see any chemistry with Juilet she was just there for me.
Yep. And Josh Holloway said the same thing about Juliet. He said he thought the "Suliet" pairing was a joke. And it was. She was too stable and boring for him. And they had zippo chemistry. He was unhappy with the ending, but at least Sawyer and Kate got off the island alive and fans can assume they got back together down the road.

I'm just glad Evangeline fought to be paired with Josh Holloway. And fought, she did. Publically.
When the producers were hailing Matthew Fox as the greatest potential leading man of all time, and the show's big "hero", Evangeline was all over the media saying that she had better chemistry with Josh Holloway and that she didn't think a pairing with Matthew would work.

I Floved every minute of her rebellion. She was NOT shy about her preferences.

i only saw lost until somewhere season 2 it would matter to me who have played kate and jack they were such mismatch character wise i was rather hoping they will try pair jack witn the new girl on show than anna lusia anything but kate i did saw the last episode i was roll my eyes with heaven stuff jack and kate reunited as couple i did watch lost as shipper but as whole it matter to me who end end up together just as long jack and kate will not end up together when i saw jack and kate in heaven i thought way to stick it to
Sawyer and Kate fans even they got off the island alive and some fans can assume they might got back together down the road it does not matter jack and kate are the endgame
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