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Mar 12 2013, 08:13 PM
Overall, I liked today's show. The highlights for me were the scenes with Sami/Lucas/Rafe. Well done and well-played. The show needs more of these scenes where the characters are actually in character and not OTT creations.

Please stop it with the Jennifer/Daniel/Chloe garbage. It's painful to watch and so boring.

Scenes at the Dimera mansion were ok, but I am sick of the Bristen in bed scenes.. .isn't there anymore to their relationship but sex? The scene in the Dimera living room with Stefano, Brady and Kristen holding hands was beyond ridiculous. They looked like third graders about to play Red Rover, Red Rover.

Had to love Stefano's remark about never letting Samantha come between him and his son. This ought to be good.

There's nothing to the Brady and Kristen relationship other than sex. I cringe when the pair talk about their love.

Brady should fall in love with a celibate woman who won't give it up until after marriage. Let's see him romance her, see genuine love that isn't based on sex, and believe the character has the ability to love.

After this Kristen fiasco, and that girl (Madison?) before her (they did it all the time - and I tuned out of the show for awhile after that, but that wasn't love, either, in the beginning), it's hard to believe he can distinguish between love and lust.

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