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I agree with you King I like all the judges. I knew Keith would be good because he was a fabulous judge on Australia's The Voice last year. They have got Ricky Martin to replace him this year.

As for who is going to win Idol I think it will be a female this year and my favourite at the moment is Kree but I like to see how they tackle all the different styles of music. I have not got a favourite male singer as yet,so far there is not any male singer who has any real "grit" for my liking. I think there is some great singers such as Curtis but I am not sure if it is the songs they are singing or what ever personality??? X factor ??? that certain something that makes me sit up and pay attention it is just not happenning for me with any of those guys at all. Not that I am any kind of expert but I look forward to watching who can hang in there and who cannot handle the stress.
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