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Mar 13 2013, 05:52 AM
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I thought that was odd also. No cast members that are directly involved in the gay story? But nice to see other cast members getting involved in the campaign.
Many had already done the noh8 photos months ago. here's CB's:

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but not the parents of will or sonny that big part of the story[i not 100% sure if jude evans did pic or not]

eric[brady]nadia[chloe]crystal[carly]patricka[nancy] now kristan[hope]itt more glaring when parents in the story does not to people
Will's grandmother.

Lauren Koslow■@laurenkoslow
Participated in a photo shoot for the NOH8 project today @nbcdays ...#staytuned 4 pics!
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Lauren Koslow■@laurenkoslow
The process... At the @NOH8Campaign photo shoot today @nbcdays
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