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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: This time when Chloe opens the door Daniel is lying face up in bed with his bare chest exposed.

Kristen is back at the mansion. She asks Brady if the two of them played nice. Brady wouldn't say that word but no blood was shed. He thinks that he and Stefano are beginning to understand each other. What did he send you out to do? Kristen - What? Brady - He sent you out to do an errand for him. Kristen recalls part of her encounter with John. Kristen lies - It was a work thing. An important message had to be delivered. Brady - And you were the only person that could deliver that message? Kristen smiles.

Sami grabs onto the box. I got it. Lucas - Just take the box and put it on a lower shelf and I'll get the evidence out. Sami complains that the box is heavy. Lucas responds and she she tells him to shut up. They hear someone at the door. Sami - Lucas, someone is coming! Lucas almost drops her as she lets go of the shelf.

Chloe - This isn't what it looks like. Jen - You make me sick. She leaves. Chloe smiles - It could not have gone better. Daniel moans Jennifer's name.

Stefano comes into the living room but when he sees Kristen and Brady he turns to leave. Kristen chases him down. Wait! Stefano - No, no, no. I don't want to watch you two playing chess. My God! Kristen - You just got home. We want to spend a little time with you. She holds Stefano's hand and Brady's hand. Kristen starts talking about the garden. Brady - This is not going to work. Stefano agrees. This chatting back and forth ... we can't ... Kristen - You're right but it's going to get easier you know. I'm grateful that you're trying. Brady - For you. Stefano - Only for you. Kristen - You're the two most important men in my life. In time you'll see each other in a new light, don't you think. EJ walks in and takes a picture. Look at that. That's going to have be my new screen saver.

Rafe comes back into the evidence room and turns on the light. He starts looking around. He's about to leave when he spots Lucas. Lucas, what the hell are you doing in here?

Chloe stands over Daniel and recalls putting the drug in Daniel's drink. She wonders if she used too much. Oh God, what if he doesn't wake up.

Segment 2: Jen returns to the Horton house crying. This is unbelievable. She recalls happier times. One fight. One stupid arguement is all it took for you to jump into bed with Chloe.

Chloe puts Dan's phone next to him and beats a hasty exit. She then calls Dan - Please, please wake up. Dan answers. Chloe - Thank God you're awake. I was worried. I'm sorry about how we left things and I couldn't sleep. Dan - Yeah, that was not good. Chloe - I'm really sorry about kissing you. Dan was going to call her tomorrow about that. Chloe - No need, I got the message. Dan - No you didn't. What I said wasn't right. Listen if you want we could do this now. Chloe - Do you want me to come over. Dan - No, I will come to you. Chloe - You've been drinking so much. Dan - I won't drive. I could use the fresh air; I don't even remember going to bed. It's a bad med school flashback. Chloe - I promise you didn't do anything you'll regret. Dan - I'm not so sure. Chloe - So you'll take a cab and I'll see you in a few. Dan - I'm on my way. Chloe wonders if he's coming around.

EJ asks if he should come back later. I wouldn't want to interrupt your bonding moment. Kristen - No. I know father's anxious to catch up with you. She asks Brady if he wants to finish unpacking. They head upstairs. Stefano - My son. EJ - You look well. Stefano - It's very good to be back in our home. EJ - It's funny. I really thought I'd never set foot in this house again. Stefano - I didn't think I would either but I feel that our bond is stronger than anything that went wrong. EJ - A lot went very wrong. Stefano - Yes because of that idiot McAllister. EJ - It's what you chose to beleive. You sold your son for a cheap trinket and some empty words. A coin. Stefano - That's why I want to make it up to you. I thought maybe we were beyond this. EJ - Well you think again. I'm not here to punish you. I'm glad that we're working together. I'm glad that Kristen brought us together. Stefano - I'm glad too but is that all. EJ - It's a start. Stefano - Why don't you take another step. Why don't you bring your family here to live. Come home.

Lucas stands up. Rafe - So what did you say you were doing in here? Lucas - This isn't Hope's office. Did you guys move things around? Rafe - No. Lucas - You didn't? 'Cause none of this stuff was in here before. I don't remember any of it. Rafe - You're right that it did become a storage area a while back but it was never Hope's office. Lucas - Oh, it's my bad. I was just confused so I'll just go. Rafe - How did you get in here anyway. Lucas - I don't know. The door was open. Rafe - Seriously! Lucas - Yeah. Rafe - The door has been acting up but not that badly. Lucas - Obviously it doesn't work. Rafe - So you just came and decided to hang out here in the dark, huh? Lucas - Yeah, it's been a hell of a week. It's been rough. I took a wrong turn, saw a nice dark place and I thought I'd just sit and think for a while. Rafe - In a locked police evidence room. Rafe makes a comment then adds - Here's the deal, you can start making sense or we can go and see Roman. Lucas - I'm making perfect sense. Rafe - Let's go. Lucas - No, no, no. Rafe - Let's not. Before we go I need to find your partner in crime. Sami! Sami Brady, get the hell out here now!

Segment 3: Kristen and Brady are in bed having sex. He knocks something over. Think anyone heard that. Kristen - A good thing about this house is how big it is. Brady - So technically we could go weeks on end and I wouldn't see Stefano. Kristen wouldn't go that far. Brady - Too bad. I want to christen every room in the joint. Kristen thinks it's an admirable goal. Brady says he loves her. Kristen says he's proven that by moving into the heart of darkness with her. Brady - I'd follow you into hell Kristen. I don't want to lose you. Kristen - Don't talk like that.

EJ - I'm not going to come back here and live in this house. Stefano - Think about it. EJ - I'm not going to ask Samantha to come back and live here either. You know full well that we're back together. Stefano - I didn't know that you were living together. EJ - Things are going very well. Stefano - Is she shacking up with you at your place or are you shacking up with her at her place ... or maybe it hasn't gotten that far. EJ - We're together and happy. It doesn't need any interference. Stefano - All I want to do is help. If I can help the two of you understand something better I will do it. EJ - Father, there's no need. We have a relationship built upon honesty and trust. It doesn't need scheming or manipulation or help as you call it. I should be getting home. Stefano - It was good to see you Elvis. EJ leaves. Stefano - It could have been worse but I am not going to let Samantha come between me and my son.

Rafe - Sami, this is not a negotiation. Come on out. Okay you've got until the count of 3 and then I'm going to book your boy Lucas and send your Dad in for you. 1 ... 2 ... Sami - Okay, don't get my dad involved. How the hell did you know I was here. Rafe - Your perfume. Sami - Really! Since when did you notice my perfume. Rafe - Since I forked out a hundred bucks for a bottle of it on your birthday. Sami - Well okay, fine. You win. Game over. Come on Lucas, let's go. Rafe steps in front of her. Did you really think that was going to work? I mean I do give you points for brass but you don't get out of here that easily.

Chloe rushes into Dan's apt. Nancy - How did it go? Chloe - Perfectly. Now go hide. Daniel's on his way over here and we are going to need some privacy. Nancy - Oh that good! Chloe - Yeah. Nancy - Did Jennifer show up? Chloe - Yeah. Thanks for reminding me. I need to cover that base. She calls Jen. Chloe - Don't hang up. I want to explain. Jen - Don't you ever call me again you witch. She slams the phone down. Chloe - Dreadful phone manners. Oh well I tried.

Jen answers a knock on the door, it's Maggie. Maggie is dropping off some recipes Abby wanted to try. Jen will make sure she gets them. She's not sure if she's out or asleep - she just got home. Maggie - What's wrong? Jen - I'm fine. Are you excited about the wedding? Maggie - I don't know if that's the word. I was told to keep mum about this whole thing. I mean Nick and Gabi want to keep it small. Still it's nice to have a wedding in this house again, isn't it? Jen - Yeah. Maggie - Okay Jennifer Rose start talking. Jen - It's not fair Aunt Maggie ... Maggie - I'll be the judge of that. Jen - It really isn't because it's about Daniel. Maggie guessed that much. What happened? Jen - It's over.

Segment 4: Maggie - Is it something Daniel said or did? Jen doesn't want to do this. Maggie - That bad huh. Jen - It's not fair for me to talk to you about your son that way. Maggie - He really messed up then. Jen chortles - Oh yeah. Maggie - Was it ... I don't even want to ask this question. Jen - There's no question to ask. He crossed a line, an unforgiveable line. Maggie - Did he get a push? Was Chloe somehow involved in this line crossing? Jen - Yes in a big way. Maggie - You do realise that there are many, many ways this could have been a misunderstanding. Jen - Yeah I wish but it really doesn't matter anymore. Maggie - I see. What did Daniel say? Didn't he give you any explanation? Jen - No, none. Maggie - He just looked at you and said nothing! Jen - Aunt Maggie, he wasn't even awake.

Chloe - The sleeping pills worked perfectly. Daniel was out cold, undressed and in bed by the time Jennifer arrived. Nancy - That was quick thinking. Chloe - Part of it was luck too. Nancy - It's about time, maybe the God's are smiling on you. Chloe - Wouldn't that be nice for a change. Nancy - You deserve a better hand then you were dealt. They hug. Chloe - Thank you. I'm so grateful that you are here. You don't know how much it means to me. There's a knock on the door. Nancy - Go get your man. Don't you worry about that precious baby. She goes into the bedroom. Chloe lets Dan in. How are you feeling? Dan is feeling groggy. He needs some caffeine. Chloe can make some coffee. Dan suggests going out, the fresh air seemed to help and we need some privacy. She calls out to her mom that she's going out.

Jen - It has been a really rough day; everyday since Chloe's been back. Maggie - But you knew Daniel loved you. You had no doubts, did you? Jen - No. Maggie - Don't you think he deserves a chance to explain what you saw. Jen - Maybe. Maggie - Give him a chance tonight. I get it ... I say you go over there and face Chloe down. Wake up Daniel, get in his face. Jen - Okay. I really don't think that anything is going to change so be prepared. Maggie - I am, and you be prepared to be surprised.

Brady gives Kristen the gift he mentioned earlier. It's a piece of jewelry engraved Forever Starts Today. Brady - Too cheesy. Kristen - No I was thinking of all the keys I've lost now I'm never going to lose a key again. They kiss. Brady - Who cares about keys. All you have to do is know your way home. Kristen - Thank you. Brady - Where did you go when Stefano said you were out running an errand. Kristen doesn't want to talk about her father.

Rafe - Okay, one of you start talking. What are you doing in here? Lucas - We can't tell you. Rafe - Why not? Sami - Because ... I mean, you don't trust me but you'll listen to Lucas, right. He's right. We can't tell you. Rafe - So you'd rather explain it to your Dad. Lucas - No, we can't tell him either. Rafe - I can't just let you walk out of here. Lucas holds out his hands - Then arrest me now. Go ahead do it. Sami - Me too. Rafe - That's it? And you both agree ... since when? Oh right, since Will. That's what this has to be about, doesn't it?

Segment 5: Kristen stares at Brady's gift as he sleeps. She gets out of bed.

Sami - This has nothing to do with Will. Rafe - What's in here for you? Nothing but dead files and old cases Sami. Ahh, that's it, isn't it ... Trent Robbins murder. You're trying to dig up dirt on Nick. Lucas - You can't really pin that on us. Rafe - You are afraid of Nick raising Will's daughter. Sami - Wouldn't you be? Rafe - Yeah, wouldn't I be worried about Nick marrying my little sister. Wouldn't have I dug through every single file with a fine tooth comb to make sure there wasn't anything going on with him? You know, just to make sure he's okay. Lucas - Of course you would have. Sami - Right. Lucas tried to convince me of that but he's also a convicted murderer; he was a drug addict! Are you seriously going to stand there and tell me we have nothing to worry about. Rafe - If there was I would let you know. Seriously! You don't think that I would have found it! What, you don't believe me. Sami - I do, I just don't think you'd tell me. Rafe - So you think I'd hang you and Will out to dry. Sami - I don't know. Lucas - We weren't thinking straight, were we? Rafe - It's been that kind of week, hasn't it? Do you have any backpacks, knapsacks with you ... anything you can hide files in? Lucas opens his jacket. Sami pulls out the gloves and flashlight from her pockets. That's it. Rafe - Good. Get out of here. This never happened. Lucas - Thank you. Rafe - I mean that; this never happened. I don't want you telling Gabi that you were snooping around trying to find dirt on Nick because that's going to stress her out and you remember what the doctor said about that, okay? Alright? Sami - Yes, okay, I won't say anything. Rafe - Good. I spoke to Gabi she said that her and Will and Nick have this custody thing all worked out. They're communicating okay so let's not muck this up for them. Sami - No sir. Rafe - Good. Now if I ever catch either one of you in here your asses are going to jail, understood? Lucas - Yes, thank you. They leave.

Dan and Chloe are in the park near the square. Chloe knows what happened tonight was a surprise. It shocked me too. I didn't expect ... Dan - What didn't you expect? You kissed me which was so out of bounds. What did you think was going to happen? Chloe - I didn't think. Dan - Neither did I. I shouldn't have beem so harsh with you. Chloe - What do you wish you would have said? Dan - Same thing only nicer. It never should have happened. You are the mother of my son so you will always have my respect. Whatever happened between us, I will always be sorry for what happened to you after our split. Chloe - I don't want your pity. Dan - It's not pity, it's concern for you and Parker. I want to make sure you have everything you need to keep our son happy, healthy and safe. I'm going to be in his life. I'm going to be a hands on father which means you and I are going to be in each other's lives but that's all. I love Jennifer, only Jennifer. Chloe - I get that. Daniel - Do you? Because if this is too hard, if you can't accept what I'm saying, changes will be made. Chloe - What kind of changes? Dan - We will make arrangements to hand off our son, other than that there will be no contact with each other.

Jen finds Daniel's hotel room door ajar and goes inside. She sees the empty bed. No surprise here. How could I be so wrong? So stupid! How can you say you love me and then sleep with Chloe. She is standing right next to the bottle of sleeping pills but doesn't look down.

Segment 6: Sami and Lucas go into the coffeehouse. Sami is upset. We just needed 2 more freakin' minutes. Lucas - Yeah, then we could have run into Rafe in the hallway with the evidence. That would have been perfect! Sami - What are you talking about? You would have come up with a great alibi like you're story about finding Hope's office. She starts laughing. Lucas - I was stonewalling. That was all I could think of. Sami - I'll find out when Rafe's not working and we'll go back and try again. Lucas - Again! Really. Do you have any idea how close we were to being arrested! No. Sami - Having been arrested, yes I do know. So do you. Lucas - And I don't want to go back to jail. I hate jail. Jail sucks! I have a little girl to think about. Sami - What about your son? Will needs us. We need that evidence or that snake Nick is going to keep blackmailing Will and keep him away from his daughter and Rafe doesn't know the truth yet. EJ is standing there. What happened? Lucas - Sami's plan was like Swiss cheese, it had a bunch of holes in it. Sami - Rafe caught us. EJ - Why aren't the two of you locked up? Sami - Well actually he gave us the perfect alibi. He thought we were digging up information about Nick or something. Anyway he let us go so I'm going to find out when he's not working and we can try again. Lucas - Count me out. Sami - You're serious! You're bailing! Lucas - Yeah, I'm bailing. I'm not doing this. This is wrong. It's causing more problems then it's worth right now. Sami - You don't know that. Lucas - Yes I do know that. He looks at EJ. Why don't you explain things to her since this whole thing turned criminal the mintue you got involved. Sami - Are you suggesting that I couldn't think of this on my own. Lucas - Oh man, she's all yours buddy. Sami - Okay, I see that you're getting soft in your old age Horton but thank you for saving my ass back there. Lucas leaves. Sami - So what does he think you're going to explain me; how am I making this worse? EJ - Samantha, you get caught, Nick is surely going to know what evidence you were looking for. How long do you think it's going to take him to pull the trigger? Sami - But if we don't get the evidence he's going to be able to keep blackmailing Will. It's a viscious circle. EJ - We'll find a way. Sami - Maybe we should just tell Rafe ... EJ - You are not discussing this with Rafe.

Stefano comes into the living room and finds Kristen staring out the terrace doors. I thought you and your little boy were going to turn in for the night. Kristen - I couldn't sleep. And you? Stefano - It's too quiet. Kristen - You're going to get your family back father. We're both going to get what we want. Stefano - How did your meeting go with John. Kristen - He was smug but I made him understand that he's not going to get his son back but of course there's still the chance for him and me. Stefano - Are you crazy! Kristen - Could you give me a little credit just once. I'm not a fool but it doesn't hurt to have John think that I am.

Brady wakes up and finds Kristen gone.

Jen leaves Dan's room slamming the door behind her.

Dan - I don't want to cut off all contact with you. That would be ... Chloe - What, harsh? Dan - And unnecessary I hope. Chloe - It is. This is humilating enough. Dan - I'm sorry about that. Chloe - Listen there is something that you should know about Jennifer but it can wait. I better get home. She leaves. Jen walks up - Chloe turns around. Dan - Jen, what are you doing out here so late?

Segment 7: Sami - Well that was forceful. EJ - Samantha, you can't trust him. Why do you insist on trying? Sami - Because I want to help my son. EJ - Rafe has already made it very clear that his loyalty is with his sister. Sami - Come on, he'd want to protect Will especially since you're not going to press charges. EJ - You can trust me. Do you trust Rafe? You want to place your son's life in his hands? Sami - No. I can't trust Rafe with this but I can't give up on Will. I have to find a way to help him. EJ - And you will. We'll find a different way.

Dan - I didn't think I'd get to see you again tonight. Chloe is eavesdropping. Jen - I bet you didn't. Dan - Are you going somewhere? Do you have a minute? Jen - For? Dan - I've been thinking about you all night ... Jen slaps him.

Stefano - Be careful my dear. Kristen - I can handle John Black. Stefano - Last time you had those emotions you almost destroyed your life. Kristen - I'm aware of that and I will never be that weak and trusting again so don't worry about me father. It's all going perfectly, exactly according to my plan for John's total destruction which is brilliant. You'e going to love the end game. Brady is standing in the doorway.
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