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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

The show was alright yesterday, not as good as Monday's episode.

I thought the scene with Stefano, Brady and Kristen holding hands was funny...Ej taking the picture was good...but then it went down hill for me and fast. I liked Bristen in the beginning, but lately I just feel like they don't know what way to go with them. For a point I thought they were making her fall for him a bit, which would have made the story interesting when he found out what she had been planning and then he wouldn't believe that she loved him at all.....but now I'm not so sure that is the plan anymore. I'm over it.

I don't get the entire thing with Stefano and Ej. I sort of get Ej's coldness but it's been months that he's been in communication with Stefano and he's discussed (even with Sami) that if she wanted him he wasn't going to give up his family for her. He made that clear, so now that he finally has her, he's tripping over himself and doesn't want to be back in the fold with his family? I guess it's just a plot point, whatever.

Lumi were again the highlight of the show for me and I tolerated Rafe in the scenes. I still think that triangle is the one that would have made the most sense during this time as Rafe is firmly in Gabi's corner with Lumi being firmly in Will's corner...they could have been on opposite sides of this and it really could have been good if somehow they would have reunited Safe and then this happens right after the wedding, they break up and she starts getting closer and scheming with Lucas, pissing off Rafe....and of course, what makes sense would never happen on the show...we had to insert Ej into this somehow in some way...whatever....Lumi was great...loved how they wouldn't tell Rafe what was up and loved how he pretty much assumed they were there for Will's sake, the excuse he gave was good too....The coffee shop scenes were fine, but I just can't take Ej in this nicey nice mode....the minute he walked into the shop, I got up to get something to drink and by the time I came back Lucas had left and I turned the TV off as I was real sleepy. Missed the rest and I can imagine that it was more fetch.....didn't want to watch that crap anyway...I prefer to sleep.
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