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Caroline learns why Rick has become emotionally distant

Katie becomes insecure in her marriage following a conversation with Taylor

Brooke becomes a confidante to a friend in need

Dayzee is concerned about Maya becoming a permanent fixture in her world

Eric's dinner party takes an unfortunate turn

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SNS Week of March 25

After Katie sees Brooke and Bill together in the showroom, Rick goes after Taylor for continuing her own war against Brooke.

Katie tells Bill that his business and personal dealings with Brooke have to have some boundaries.

Taylor informs Katie that there is very good reason why she should worry about Bill and Brooke's new closeness.

Brooke reaches out to Bill and he shows his frustration by heavy use of alcohol.

Even though she is very focused on Rick, Maya decides to a date Carter.

When Dayzee finds out that Maya is interested in Rick, she goes and tells Caroline.

At Eric and Taylor's dinner party, Maya is heartbroken to witness Rick and Caroline together.

Caroline warns Maya to stay away from Rick after she fails to keep them apart.

Left with a broken heart, Hope tries putting a positive face on Steffy's pregnancy.

Steffy and Liam are thrilled after they feel the baby kick.

COMING: Katie is afraid of the outcome of her marital woes

Episode Titles and Previews

Monday (Laying Down the Law)
Katie sets limits for Brooke and Bill; Maya agrees to go on a date with Carter.

Tuesday (The Visit)
Carter brings Maya by the mansion; Kate and Bill bicker about the problems in their marriage.

Wednesday (Caroline Takes Action)
Caroline tries to prove to Rick that she is a catch; Brooke and Bill think about one another.

Thursday (Press Conference)
Eric makes a shocking announcement at a press conference; Caroline issues a warning to Maya.

Friday (Dangerous Driving)
Bill makes a risky decision; Maya and Rick share a steamy kiss.

Teasers week of March 25th-March 29th

Caroline decides to show Rick what he’s missing.

Brooke holds a press conference but Eric’s announcement gains the most attention.

Maya decides to get over Rick by dating Carter.

Maya is shocked to find out that her date with Carter is at the Forrester house.

Dayzee is very cold toward Maya and tells her leave but before she goes, Rick shows up.

Katie issues Bill an ultimatum after catching him and Brooke together.

Katie lays down the law to Brooke and Bill.

Bill and Katie get into a heated conversation about their marital woes, thanks to Taylor playing into Katie’s insecurities.

Resentments emerge during Bill and Katie’s argument.

Bill feels Katie’s unhealthy obsession over the baby is not good for her or the child.

Bill is at the end of his rope which leads to drastic consequences.

Katie is unnerved after talking with Taylor

Eric's dinner party takes an unexpected turn.

Caroline discovers why Rick is distant.

Daily Spoilers week of March 25

3/25, Katie tells Brooke and Bill what's what; Maya agrees to go on a date with Carter.

3/26, Carter and Maya visit the Forrester Mansion; Katie and Bill discuss their marital problems

3/27, Caroline tries to get Rick to forget about Maya; Brooke and Bill each consider their predicament.

3/28, Eric makes an announcement that diverts media attention from Brooke's press conference; Caroline tells Maya to stay away from Rick.

3/29, Distracted and a little drunk, Bill takes off in his car; Rick and Maya kiss.

TV Guide Previews

3/25, A furious Katie lays down the law to Brooke and Bill; Maya agrees to go on a date with Carter; Hope advises Rick to be honest with Caroline about his feelings for Maya.

3/26, Carter brings Maya by the Forrester mansion, which makes things uncomfortable for Dayzee; Katie and Bill get into a heated conversation about the problems in their marriage; Donna is disappointed in Brooke.

3/27, Caroline sets out to show Rick what he's missing; Brooke attempts to suppress her feelings for Bill; the guests at Eric's dinner party are confused by the interaction between Maya and Rick.

3/28, Brooke holds a press conference, but Eric upstages her with his surprise announcement; Caroline makes it clear to Maya that Rick is strictly off-limits; Taylor and Brooke make accusations about each other's personal lives.

3/29, Bill drinks and sulks after his fallout with Katie; Maya and Rick share a passionate kiss; Katie turns to Danielle to vent about the troubles in her marriage.
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