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Nick reveals details of his time in prison

Sami's suspicions are raised by Stefano's warm welcome

Abigail and Cameron begin taking things to the next level

Victor reacts strongly to the news of Brady's wedding

Someone discovers Kate and Rafe's secret relationship

Chloe gives Jennifer an ultimatum

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**UPDATED 3/15**

Monday ("Open Up")
Nick tells Gabi about his time in jail; Abigail and Cameron take the next step in their relationship.

Tuesday ("Kate and Rafe's Relationship")
Sonny learns about Kate and Rafe's relationship; Brady reveals to Marlena about his plan to marry Kristen.

Wednesday ("Kristen's Plan Backfires")
Chloe and Nicole have a fight; Kate begs Sonny to keep her secret.

Thursday ("The Warning")
Chloe issues a stern warning to Jennifer; Nicole suggests to Eric that they hire Vargas.

Friday ("Feelings Resurface")
Kate and Rafe can't fight their feelings for one another; Nick is horrified when he encounters Vargas.

Kate overhears news from Sonny and Adrienne that leads her to slap Rafe
Nancy takes Parker to Brazil
Bradyís mugger contacts Marlena after being brushed off by Kristen
Chloe tells Jennifer that Daniel will never see Parker again unless she can convince him she doesnít love him
Cameron isnít pleased when Abigail once again pulls away from making love
Kate tries and fails to break things off with Rafe

TV Guide Previews

3/25, Nick finally tells Gabi details about his time in prison; Sami and EJ move into the DiMera mansion; Kate overhears startling news from Sonny and Adrienne; Abigail and Cameron start to take their romance to the next level.

3/26, Sonny is shocked to see Kate and Rafe together; Brady tells Marlena that he's getting married; Sami gloats to Rafe and Kate about moving into the DiMera mansion; Abigail's actions displease Cameron.

3/27, One of Kristen's schemes comes back to haunt her; Chloe makes a mysterious call to Nancy; Daniel and Jennifer return from their blissful reunion on Smith Island; Kate urges Sonny to keep quiet about her and Rafe.

3/28, Brady tells Victor about his upcoming wedding; Chloe issues Jennifer a warning; Kristen is visited by the thug she hired to beat up Brady; Nicole suggests that Eric that he hire Vargas as a handyman.

3/29, Nick moves Gabi into the Kiriakis mansion; another person learns Kate and Rafe's secret; Jennifer is stunned as Chloe lays out the terms of her ultimatum; Nick is horrified when he runs into a very menacing Vargas.
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