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The Vegas episode had me wishing I could be friends with Nene! Sure, sometimes she goes too far, and can be annoying, and some of the "I'm Hollywood" stuff gets a bit much (but she's still green, I'll let her have that for now) but I LOVE how real and to the point she is, and I loved how she really was trying to look out for Porshe and trying to give her advice. I don't know, I just think she's fabulous and I love her to bits :D
Porche is ridiculous.
I'm still entertained by Phaedra, but she's really being a bitch.
Cynthia was rocking the Diana Ross hair - and that's all I've got.
Kandi's fart story was OMG.
I actually REALLY felt for Kenya, and have found myself liking her more and more toward the end of the season. As much of a crazy bitch as she can be, I think she really was truly hurt by Phaedra and really cared about the friendships she thought she was making in the group. Made me sad for her.

Re: BH
I loved Kyle and Kim's heart to heart (but I thought it was weird that they had it during her store "opening") it made me like both of them a lot more again.
I kind of felt bad for Taylor when she tried to reach out to Yolanda. Yolanda can be a real bitch when she wants to be, too, and her incessant "my HUSBAND is God's greatest gift to the people of the world" shit is getting on my last nerve.

I like Lisa and Ken and Brandi ... I don't get the hate.

Who else was on? What else happened? I don't remember so it must not be important, lol.
Oh! That RIDICULOUS party planner dude!! WTF? Someone please make him stop, he is so not for real, and it's bad, bad, bad acting on his part.

Oh yeah, Dana!! Kill her. Someone. Please. I don't want to see her on my screen. I especially don't want to hear her. Or Faye. Or even that brunette friend of Brandi's that goes everywhere with her and tries to squeeze into every frame she can. Ugh. Annoying.

Ok, now I'm really done :D
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