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The Royal Dork

OMG, thank you for making a thread for this season! Ha!! I was too lazy. :/

The father and son are incredible; for both of them to survive cancer, and then do this race, and then continue on after such a harsh injury? Ouch! I DO think the dad is a tad cheesy sometimes, but I do like them.

And can I please just take a minute to say what a freaking MORON that John guy is!!!! OMG. Possibly the dumbest racer ever. They go this random dude's house and start making some random flower shit? Then "OH, We're not supposed to be here? What? That's weird".... D-OH! Then they get there and won't even use their freaking BRAINS to take time and study the example before trying to do it on their own. "Their is fatter. I feel like ours should be fat, like theirs"... D-OH! Then they QUIT that one because John can't pull his head out of his ass long enough to actually LOOK at the right one. So they drive all the way to the last one.... and then DON'T EVEN USE THE FREAKING EXPRESS PASS!.... D-OH! Ugh... I can't even. THEN.... they get to the final thing, and they actually SEE the FINAL team in front of them, and John STILL refuses to use the Express Pass... and he goes WELL into the night trying to find the right surfboard, because (clearly) he's a moron and can't remember anyone he's encountered along the way... so he asks Phil to look at the right answer???? D-OH!!!! And THEN... as they're being ELIMINATED because of HIS STUPIDITY... he's SMILING like a batshit crazy person the whole time, like he has no fucking clue what just happened.



Gah, that felt good.

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