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Viewing Single Post From: Survivor: Camaroan - Fans vs. Favorites
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The Royal Dork

Yeah, this season isn't all that great... but then again, the past few seasons have sucked, too (due to the fact that ALL the newbies always seem to hand over their brains & nuts to the returning players).

I agree. I don't think it was right for Survivor to exploit that situation. And Jeff almost seemed to be instigating it by asking Phillip to verbally give his insight to an already agitated, volatile, aggressive Brandon, which was the root of the whole thing. (PS - I bet Brandon's shoulders felt amaaaazing after that deep tissue massage from Jeff.)

This episode was just a clusterfuck.

I hate to see Brandon eliminated like that. But kudos to him, however wrong it might have been, for him to FINALLY tell Phillip what ALL of America feels EVERY time we watch him.

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