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Viewing Single Post From: Galen Gering & Lauren Koslow Interview by Michael Fairman
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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

GG sounds a bit prickish - particularly this part:


That was true because we had all these great ideas. I was excited to work with Galen because he has ideas similar to mine and he works like I do. After I saw the scenes, I think the fact that it was so rushed when we taped it really suited that scene because Kate and Rafe were kind of off their game! (Laughs) I think it really worked for the characters. I kind of liked the scene when I saw it, because there was not anything predictable about it. It was raw, which was right for it.


I have not seen the scenes back.


Really? Whatever! (Laughs)


I lived it. Do I have to see it after? (Laughs)

It could be the context it was in - but I think he should be counting his lucky stars to be getting these scenes with Lauren Koslow. She, on the other hand, comes across as incredibly fun and energetic.

And this part makes it sound even more to me like GG has an inkling they really don't know what to do with Rafe long term, particularly the bolded part.


Galen, over the years it seems that Rafe can get thrown around in story, where it feels like the show is trying to figure out what to do with him. Do you view the Rafe and Kate alliance as an intermediary storyline to something else?


I am slowly discovering where things are headed. Hopefully, the show wants me around and to be an integral part to the stories that are on the canvas there. Obviously, I think this has been an interesting choice and fun choice for them. It has been a really interesting for me. When I was first introduced to this, obviously it was a departure for him going with a character who was married basically to his arch-enemy. When Rafe met Sami, he did not know who EJ was, or what the DiMera family stood for. Now Rafe knows first hand. So, I have taken this weird leap of faith and the fan reaction has been . GREAT! (Laughs)

I still wonder if they plan to move toward Rafe/Hope once they finally realize PR isn't coming back and they'll need to address Bo's absence somehow.

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