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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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Hmmm... Seems to me GG isn't sure about where Rafes going at this point.

Seems like MF picked up on that as well.

As to AS/JS knowing before them, I would bet that goes to the meetings they had with the associate ep they referenced in their SOD article.
That doesn't really help. Lauren pretty much says they don't do those meetings anymore...except we know of at least two times that they've done it for James and Ali.
Help what??

I just think that's where they heard the info on Rate.

And perhaps, AS/JS asked for the meeting?? :shrug:

Who knows.

All I know is according to the SOD interview they got one...or two.
It doesn't help the perception of why they might know things before others.
I suspect there are often times when actors find out about story direction ahead of other actors - either through conversations with TPTB or by reading it in the scripts first. Based on both AS/JS's comments in SOD it doesn't sound to me like they feel they have much pull when it comes to story - otherwise they wouldn't have needed to keep going back to the EP for clarification that the EJami story really was the direction. They sounded as in the dark about where things are heading for their characters as anyone else does. :shrug:
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