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Mar 13 2013, 09:26 PM
If we're going to talk about "lying" for publicity's sake ... yes Jodi, you totally surprised your son in Toronto! He naturally has a Slice camera crew following him to coffee shops to watch him have quiet drinks. My biggest reality genre peeve!
I thought the same thing as I watched the episode, LOL. But to be fair, this could've been a genuine production trick. Jody could've asked producers to help her surprise her son, and they could've claimed they were filming Josh adjusting to college life. Of course a college student is going to jump at the chance of having a camera crew following him around, so he agrees to do it, only to be fooled when Jody shows up. Definitely a possibility, but then again, it could've been staged and Josh really wasn't as "surprised" as he claimed.

I'm in love with RHOV! Much better than Season 1, which I just couldn't get into. Season 2 RHOV is what made the Housewives franchise so popular. For the most part, the interactions between the ladies feels very genuine. Adding the three new housewives really helped. It reminds me of Season 5 of RHONYC when they added Aviva, Heather and Carole. That many new faces takes a show back to the beginning, almost. Everything seems fresh.

I love Robin. She's probably my favorite. Jody is beyond annoying. Ronnie looks like she needs professional help. I liked Amanda at first, but she became annoying very fast. I want to like Mary, but she needs to stop lying and trying to save face. Ioulia is a hoot and just one of a kind.
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