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I would be surprised & impressed if all of GH before 1978 was available since it was the standard practice at the time to wipe & record over all of the episodes. That's why so little pre-78/79 P&G soaps are available. Ditto OLTL. I think I heard once that Agnes Nixon actually SAVED all of AMC, but all of the master tapes were lost in a warehouse fire in the late 1970s. Part of her agreement to expand AMC to an hour was that ABC started keeping all the episodes (at least I *think* that's how the story goes). I've only seen VERY little pre-78 GH. I've got the 1st episode and a small handful of 60s episodes in my collection (Phil was SUCH a douche) and there are only a couple of earlier episodes on youtube. I think the only soaps that exist (pre-80) that actually have all their episodes are Ryan's Hope, Days, Y&R, and Dark Shadows.
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