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Mar 14 2013, 02:06 PM
Mar 14 2013, 01:44 PM
^^I can see how he might think that way if he's getting the vibe that they are testing Hope and Rafe. I would be worried too since Hope is half of one of Days most popular super couples of all time and IMHO if he doesn't know if the fans will embrace that story because of that. I also wonder if he thinks his character is now dispensable since Sami still would have two men around with way more history and story legs than him. IDK, it just seems that he's not very happy with whatever is happening and at the beginning of the interview I felt that he was trying to sell Rate but by the end he wasn't.
Yeah, I would buy him not wanting to get into a Rope pairing if that's where they're headed.
I think it depends on the fan reaction. If fans are willing to accept it, being paired with Hope is a good spot for him. But yeah, having fans embrace Hope in a new couple is still a pretty big gamble, so I get the trepidation. And I can especially see him dreading a Bope vs. Rope deal after enduring the Safe vs. Ejami wars for years.
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