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Mary does it to herself, and that's my problem with her. I want to be on her side because Jodi is such a c**t, but she puts herself in those situations.

I'm not sure there really is a way for Mary to win, Jodi plays the RHO game differently than anyone else. The women are all forced to interact as part of the nature of the show, but whenever she does Jodi plays this "Why are you even here?! You're strange" card that makes Mary look like a desperate loser for basically doing what she's being paid to do. And I don't want to reward Jodi's behaviour by having Mary leave, but, I dunno ...

Amanda is vile. During every interview where she tries to act all superior all I can think is "You're a washed up old drunk with three kids, no baby-daddy and no real career. How trailer park."

Robin, I don't know. She's really very dumb. One thing about this show that I don't get is for a Canadian housewives series, why are only three of the women Canadian? (and why are the Canadians AWFUL!) Or atleast, why are two of the women American? Isn't this supposed to be OUR culture? Just sayin' ...

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