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Rafe and Kate look so ridiculous trying to be playful in the sack. I wish they would just stop already. The whole 'connection' for the purpose of the baby story is not working for me. I think it comes across thrown together, doesn't fit them as a pair and therefore feels fake. I hate it for both characters. I want more for them than these scenes that just make me roll my eyes.

Sami wanting to be in-debt to Stefano?! Okay then. That seems about right with the way everything else is going on this show.

Are we ever going to see Nick working for Kate? So much for the boy genius helping her put a dent in the competition.

Chad should move in and then disappear while heading off to bed one night never to be heard from again. It'd be the mystery no one cared to solve.

I can't wait til it's Nick's turn to squirm.

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