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Sweet and Salty

Mar 14 2013, 04:10 PM
It has been a long time since I have found a soap watchable- the genre is dying overall & it is sad to mourn that. I have really been surprised at Days of our Lives for being so good the last few months. It actually revived my interest in a show & I started watching it again. Does anyone else think the show is- overall- better than it has been in quite awhile? Certainly better than any other soap now.

Every story does not invest me, but there is really some generational storytelling going on. The Hortons are actually at the center, cousins abound, people reference the past- couldn't believe Jean Bruce Scott made an appearance as Nick's mother. She wasn't there at the January wedding, but she was mentioned & so was Marie. These seemingly small inserts are what used to be so great about soaps- and they are the hooks for classic soap watchers. Hope & Jennifer are always luminous (talking about Mike and Laura the other day), Julie supporting Nick, Ciara used in conversation or to contrive action, all this is good. I blanched when Will and Gabi trysted- would he be Steven Carringtonized? But, so far, no. Really, after all these years, an authentic gay storyline on soaps, not a weak attempt or immediately jettisoned.

I've never been a Sami fan, but she (and Lucas) registers strongly in this storyline. Soaps need characters & scenes like that of her & EJ giggling & plotting against Nick- that was very good writing- & acting. Suddenly, it looked like this couple could take the town. Soaps also need secret, sizzling affairs- just like Kate and Rafe. With all their baggage, who would ever put them together? They are fresh & original- the scene of them both agreeing to go back to work, then immediately dissolving to Rafe's apartment was more good writing, unexpectedly the characters very likable; there are stakes in this pairing- family stakes- which is what soaps used to, and I guess, still can, do better than any other medium.

People mention work or school, off camera relatives phone, text or pop up (Nancy) family loyalty is strong, if sometimes misguided. But all these are elements that make soaps work- the core of them, really- and make them- still?- a real cultural form.

Soap watching teaches you to wait for the other shoe to drop. But for just today, it is so nice to have a "story" to follow.
Better than General Hospital? I hear it's the best! Been thinking about starting to watch it!
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