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Props to Kristen Storms and the show's makeup crew. You could tell, without Maxie saying a word, from her messy hair and expression on her face, what kind of inner turmoil this character's feeling. She's sick to her stomach. What is she doing, giving up the baby she wants to have for herself? And when Spinelli came in the room, that just raised the drama to a whole new level!

Have to ask about this plan that Carly cooked up. Why must she lie to Todd? It seems like he's not giving up, even though he believes the lie now. So what was gained?
The plan seems a little juvenile.

Poor AJ, though. You're telling me that she makes him promise to not breathe a word of the plan to anybody, but she can run off and flap her gums? He should have at least asked for permission to tell Elizabeth. Why didn't he do that?

When Sonny said he loved both Connie and Kate, that was the moment for me. I'm in love with the woman who portrays Kate/Connie. They're both fine actors. This is one powerhouse story: in love with two women in the same body! So soapy.
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