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I really enjoyed today's episode. Of course Ejami was my favorite part. I love that EJ doesn't let Sami spiral out of control. She can be her crazy frustrating self without fear of EJ judging her. However, he does talk to her calmly and sensibly about what huge mistakes her plans can be and makes her (sometimes against her will) think them through. They compliment eachother so well, but it especially showed today. I think TPTB are setting up for EJ to be fighting against going back to his old ways and Sami being the one unintentionally pushing him there. I did love that she was worried about him "going to the dark side" today, too bad in the next breath she was suggesting they go together to ask Stefano for help.

I liked Rafe and Kate at first, but it is starting to seem forced at this point. It just so seems that they have nothing else to do with St. Rafe, but want to continue to make him the male lead. I guess as long as he's away from Ejami and my ff button still works I don't really care.

Has anyone sent out a search party for Will's balls?

I enjoy everytime Stefano is on my screen. Period.

I actually like this new Kristen flirting with John to advance her plan stuff. I love ED and think everything she touches turns to gold. I guess that would explain Brady's chest.

I love that EJ acknowledged that Nick did a lot with a little. He took down Will, Sami, EJ, and Lucas is one fail swoop with only a pen and a backpack. McGuyver at least had a screwdriver.

I hate that we are supposed to start to like Gabi and/or feel sorry for her. The day I like Rafe I will like Gabi. I would say when pigs fly, but now that I've seen that damn commerical with a pig on an aircraft a perfectly good metaphor has been ruined. So I guess I will never, ever, ever not hate a Hernandez.
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