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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Carolyn Culliton

Segment 1: A sleeping Will is awakened by a call from his mother. Sami is so glad he answered the phone. Will - I was sleeping. I wasn't thinking clearly. What do you want? She's checking in on him. Did he get any of her messages. Will hasn't been in a talking mood lately. Sami - Because of me and what I did. Will - No, I told you I'm not mad at you anymore. I only have myself to blame for what happened. Sami - Listen, you got Gabi pregnant but everything that happened after that is because of Nick. I'm going to take care of it. I'm serious. I'm not going to let that creep keep you away from your daughter. Will - Please stay out of this. Sami sees EJ and tells Will she has to go. Don't worry, I've got everything handled. Sonny walks up - What did your mom do now? Will - It's what she's going to do which is make a bad situation worse. Sonny - You should call her back. Will - It doesn't matter. She's going to do what she wants anyway. Sonny - That's true. Did you think about what I said last night. People are going to start asking questions about why you signed your rights away as the father and since you can't tell them that Nick is blackmailing you I was thinking we should have some kind of cover story. Will - What am I going to say that makes any sense? I can't even convince Gabi probably. Sonny - I just know you're going to take a lot of heat for this. I'm really sorry. Will - I hope people don't think I did this just for you. Sonny - Even if they do, I know the truth. Nick is trying to destroy your life because of some stupid thing you did as a kid. And he would have taken down your dad, your grandfather, your Aunt Hope and I know you did the only thing you could do. Will - You don't have to make me sound so noble. I should have accepted responsibility from the beginning. If you need any proof of what goes around comes around just look at me.

Nick and Gabi are in bed. Nick holds up Gabi's left hand and asks her if she likes her ring. She loves it but I already have the pendant. Nick - The pendant doesn't tell the whole world that you're spoken for. Gabi - I know but it must have cost a lot of money. Nick - I'm a working man now, just ask Kate. I can afford to buy my old lady some bling. Gabi laughs - You're so romantic. They kiss. Gabi - What a great way to start the rest of my life. Nick - I can't believe it. In a few hours you're going to be Mrs. Fallon and you are going to be Arianna Grace Fallon - he kisses her stomach. Gabi - Yesterday Will came by and I kind of felt weird about not inviting him. Nick - Will came by here? What did he want? Gabi - He wanted to talk to me about something. It kind of sounded important and then he just changed his mind. Nick - Why do you say that? Gabi - Because he said something that we both knew was totally lame and he took off. I think I'm going to call him and see if everything's okay. Nick - Don't do that.

Rafe is in bed. His cell rings. This better be important. Oh, it's the station. Hernandez. Kate strokes his chest. Rafe - Stop! No not you. Go ahead. Are you sure about that? Okay, thanks for letting me know. Kate kisses his neck. Bad news? Rafe - Stefano. Kate - Is he dead? Rafe - No, he's back in Salem.

EJ asks how Will is. Sami complains that he sounds like he's given up. EJ - Nick, for a convicted murdererer, is quite adept at working his way around the legal system. Sami - We have to find a way to get him out of the picture. EJ knows. He has something important he needs to talk to her about. He would have told her last night but she was a little upset. My father has moved back to Salem. Sami asks if he knew Stefano was coming back. He did. Sami - And you chose not to tell me. Yes. Sami - Did you think I wouldn't notice Stefano being back in town. EJ was hoping that he'd change his mind. Sami - Have you gone to see him? Last night. Sami - And you didn't tell me that either. EJ - Because you were upset. Sami snarls - I'm upset now because you kept it from me.

Kristen joins Stefano for coffee in the living room. He asks 'Where's Brady?' Kristen thinks he's still sleeping. Stefano - This was his first night under my roof. I wonder if he had pleasant dreams. Kristen hopes so. Did you? Stefano stayed awake thinking about what she has in store for John and Marlena. It is nothing less than brilliant. Kristen thought it was pretty clever herself. Brady walks in. Kristen tells him to join them for breakfast. Brady is going out for breakfast with his Dad.

John is at the outdoor cafe in the square. He looks at a newspaper photo of Kristen. He recalls his conversation with Brady about Brady's condition - accepting Kristen. He crushes the newspaper page.

Segment 2: Kristen follows Brady into the foyer. You didn't tell me about this breakfast with your Dad. Brady knew what her reaction would be. He invited me. He said he didn't like the way things are with us right now. He even said he was ready to accpet you into my life. How about that? Kristen - Do you think he means it? Brady - I don't know. I didn't give him much of a choice so maybe he heard me. Kristen hopes so. Do you want me to come along for moral support. Brady knows what she's doing. You're afraid he's going to try and talk me out of being with you. He can't do it; nobody can do that. Kristen - Sorry for being a little insecure. Brady - Why don't you give me some time alone with him then you show up at the coffeehouse. I'll have my one on one with him and then you and I could talk to him together. He needs to see how good we are together. Kristen - I like it. Let's do it. Brady - Give my about a half hour, 45 mins. She will. After he leaves Kristen goes back into the living room. Stefano - John is trying to outmaneuver you. Kristen - He can try all day, it's not going to work.

Gabi - Why shouldn't I call Will? Nick - Because today is your wedding day. Today should be about you. Will can deal with his own problems for one day. Gabi guesses he's right. She's going to start getting ready. She heads to the shower.

Will - I guess the thing to do would be to say I thought about it and decided that the original plan that Gabi, Nick and I made is the best thing for my daughter; that she needs a stable environment. Sonny - What are you going to say when your grandma's weigh in? You know Kate and Marlena are going to say you can't go back. Everything's different now; the whole town knows that you're the father, eventually your daughter will know. And I think they're going to ask, what are you going to say when your daughter wants to ... Will - I'll tell them I don't know because I honestly don't know. Sonny - I'm sorry. Will - I'm just saying I don't know what I'm going to do about any of this. Will gets a text from Nick. He wants to see me.

Rafe - Are you okay? Kate - Yeah, I think I'm just surprised. I had the feeling that he wasn't coming back. Rafe - Now he's here. Kate - Sounds like. Rafe - How do you feel about that? Kate - Let's see. I couldn't care less. I don't give a damn about Stefano. He can be in Timbuktu for all I care. But he is here, maybe we should think about ending this.

EJ thinks Sami is overreacting. So Sami overreacts somemore ranting about what she and Lucas went through last night. Which is exactly why EJ didn't tell her. He knows how much pressure she's under. He thinks he's helping her - Sami thinks the exact opposite. EJ - My father coming back to town is not going to have any impact on our relationship whatsoever. You think you hated the influence he had over me? Believe you me, you didn't hate it half as much as I did. Sami - You hated it so much that you couldn't tell me the one man that could help my son if back in town. EJ - What did you say? Oh please don't tell me that you're thinking about getting my father involved in this!

Segment 3: Sonny - Why the hell does Nick want to meet with you. He's getting married today. Will doesn't know. I already gave him everything he wants unless ... do you think it's possible maybe Gabi told him I went to see her yesterday and he ended up telling her everything? Sonny - Anything's possible. Will - Gabi wouldn't stand for it. Maybe Nick has to back down. Sonny - Don't get your hopes up. Even if he had to tell Gabi he would spin it. He would tell her it's about your Mom. He would never tell her it's about you being gay. And then he'd make her believe that he's doing this to protect her. I think you should tell him to take this meeting and shove it. Will can't do that because he thinks there's a chance. He hugs Sonny.

Sami - You're damn right I want Stefano DiMera's help. How could you think that I wouldn't! EJ - Because I've spent a tremendous amount of time listening to you tell me how much you despise him. Sami - Yeah for my sake and your sake but it's Will we're talking about here. I would do anything to help my son even if that means deal with Stefano DiMera. EJ - You have no idea what you're saying. Sami - I'm not going to ask him to take a hit out on Nick. EJ - Oh great. What exactly is it that you want then? Sami - My dad and my uncle are always complaining about the fact that they know Stefano has someone on the inside at the Salem PD so that guy could get the evidence out of the storage room that Lucas and I were trying to get and then we're home free, right? EJ laughs. You really have not thought this through at all. Sami - I don't have time to think it through. We have to go see Stefano right now.

Rafe - Is this your way of telling me you want to get back with Stefano. Kate - My God. NO. I want nothing to do with that man; he wants nothing to do with me. It's just that he wouldn't want to see me with anyone else. So if he should find out about the two of us ... Rafe - Ah, look at you ... you're worried about what he might do to me. Kate - Well we already know what he did to you. Rafe - So I know how he works. I'm not scared of him and I don't give a damn if he finds out about us. In fact I kind of like the idea of driving him a little crazy. Kate - Wow. You're either one of the bravest men I've ever met or you're a complete fool. Rafe - Maybe a little bit of both. They kiss.

Stefano - Didn't it dawn on you that John would fight back? Kristen - If he thinks he can outsmart me he can think again. Stefano - Then you better hope that Brady cares more about you than he cares for his father. The doorbell rings. Kristen yells - What! I'm coming. She opens the door to Chad. I'm guessing this is a bad time.

John gives Brady a hug when he joins him at the coffeehouse. John took the liberty of ordering for Brady. Brady really wants to work this out. I really appreciate very much that you're trying to accept that Kristen is going to be a part of my life but I also know that you're a former ISA agent and you know how to work people. John - You have a right to be suspicious but I am not working you. When I was gone I did a lot of thinking. I was thinking about what my life would be like without you in it. I can't let that happen just because I don't approve of the woman that you love. She has become very important in your life. Brady - You seem serious. John - If you love Kristen then I've got no choice but to try and accept her. Brady - I hear what you're saying. I just don't know if I believe it.

Segment 4: Rafe - As much as I hate to say this, I have to go. Kate - Duty calls. Rafe - Gabi. I want to check in with her before the wedding. Kate - What about if I go with you? Rafe - To see Gabi? Kate - I have a gift I want to give her. Rafe - You're a very generous person. Kate - Yes I am but don't you let that get out. It would absolutely ruin my reputation. Rafe - You're secret's safe with me.

Will meets Nick in the square. Nick - You went to see Gabi last night. What was that about? Will - I can't even talk to my own friends now? Nick - You didn't go there to talk. You told Gabi you wanted to tell her something important. Will - What did she say that I said? Nick - Nothing. She knows that you changed your mind so why don't you tell me. Will - I was going to tell her that her fiance was a S.O.B. and that marrying you was the worst decision she would ever make.

EJ chases Sami down in the park. Sami is not changing her mind. EJ - Has time completely eroded your memory of my father? You're going to ask him for a favour, something that doesn't benefit him. Sami shrugs - He likes Will. EJ - That didn't stop him from doing exactly the same thing to him that Nick is doing. Sami - Didn't you say that Stefano treated Will like one of his grandchildren. I'm desperate. EJ knows. Sami - I hate Stefano so much but right now all I can see is Stefano as Will's saviour. EJ - All he's going to see is your desperation and that's going to make his day. Sami - Not if you're helping me. What if you talk to him unless you are not willing to do that. EJ - I'm not getting sucked back into his world. Your happiness means everything to me. Sami - If you're with me than Stefano will want to help us and I can make sure that you don't get sucked back in, I promise. I think if we're together it will totally work. Stefano will listen unless you think there's another reason he won't help me. It's because he hates me and he hates that we're together.

Kristen apologises to Chad. She's very happy to see him. They hug. Chad - You still think moving in was a great idea? She does. She hopes he'll feel the same way. Chad - I thought about what you said and decided that I could at least welcome the old man home. Kristen - Look at this place. Wouldn't you rather live in this magnificent mansion instead of your sad and depressing apt. Chad - And what? Sit around the fireplace and talk about who we're going to whack next? Kristen - I don't think we do that anymore. It's very yesterday. Chad - How does Brady like it here? Kristen - He said it wasn't so bad. Doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement to Chad. Kristen - Moving in here has brought us closer together and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it stays that way.

Brady - That trip to Europe must have changed your whole perspective. John - It did. Brady - New Year's Eve you were calling Kristen every name in the book and saying she was using me to get back at you. John knows exactly what he said. Brady - Here we are a couple of months later and you have a whole new attitude. So have you decided Kristen isn't using me or are you just fine with it. You're either lying to me now or you were lying to me then. Which is it?

Segment 5: Chad goes into the living room. Stefano is so pleased to see him. From everything I've heard you've had a rough time since I left. The loss of your sister, you broke up with what's her name ... Chad - Melanie. Yeah I had a terrible time. Stefano apologises for not being here when Chad needed him. Chad - Don't worry about it. It's not like you were ever there for me anyway. Stefano - Woah. In that case why are you here? Chad - Because Kristen wouldn't stop bugging me about it. And because some of what she said got through to me and made me decide that I could give the family another chance.

Gabi comes down into the pub and greets Rafe and Kate. Rafe - You look great. I know you're busy. I won't take up a bunch of your time but I just want to make sure you're okay. Gabi - I feel great and the baby's kicking away. Kate - I'm sure you're probably wondering why I'm here too but since you are carrying Will's baby I really wanted to give you another wedding gift. Gabi - That's really nice of you but you already gave me a day at the spa and you gave Nick a job. You've done a lot for us already. Kate - I disagree. I wanted to give you the something blue for your wedding. Gabi opens the small box - it's a pair of earrings. Wow, they're beautiful. Kate - They're going to look exquisite on you with your dark eyes and who knows, maybe someday you'll want to give them to your daughter. Gabi hugs her. Thank you so much.

Nick - If you really think that Gabi is going to listen to one word you tell her about me you're a lot dumber than I thought you were. Will - Okay, I've known Gabi for a long time. A lot longer than you; we've been friends since high school. So if I tell her that she marrying a lying, blackmailing, homophobic idiot, I'm pretty sure she's going to have a big problem with that. Nick - Well you would have a bigger problem and so would all the people who covered for you when you shot EJ. And just for the record, I have nothing against gay people. I just don't think they should have anything to do with children. I'm serious. Will - That's really open-minded of you. Nick - I didn't come here to argue. I came to give you a warning. Do not ever try to turn Gabi against me. Not only will it not work, I will use everything that I have against you. Do you understand? Will - Yes. Nick - Good. The only reason I'm here right now and not at the police station is because it's my wedding day. Will - Are we done? Nick - No. Look as long as Gabi and I are still in Salem I'm sure that we're going to be running into each other and I don't want that to be unpleasant. Will - I will try to turn not seeing my daughter ever into a fun thing then. Nick - One day you'll see it's all for the best. Will - If it's all for the best then why can't Gabi know about it? Nick - I did that for you buddy because if Gabi finds out what you did and she decides to do her civic duty and tell Rafe, believe it or not, I do not want to see you spend the rest of your life in prison. Trust me! You're family Will. He leaves. Will mutters - Unbelievable.

EJ - Father claims he has accepted our being together. Sami - Great, than let's go see him. EJ - You really need to think this through. Sami - I don't want to. We don't have time. EJ - You understand my father - this has to be quid pro quo. Sami - Again in English. EJ - It means if you want something from him he's going to want something from you. And you have to ask yourself whether you're willing to pay that price.

John tells Brady it's possible he overreacted to what Kristen was saying back then. Brady - I'm so sorry about the way you found out about us. I know it was a shock to you. It was wrong for me to keep it secret. What I don't understand is you saying that Kristen told you she was using me. That's a flat out lie, why would you say something like that. Kristen arrives.

Segment 6: Gabi asks Rafe if he and Kate came together. Rafe - Yeah. Gabi - Are you guys like friends? Rafe - Something like that. Gabi - Why?
Outside the pub Kate recalls Rafe telling her that Stefano is back.

Stefano is so glad that Chad decided to keep an open mind. Chad - It's more like I decided to close my eyes to certain things. Stefano says it was wonderful to be in Europe but he could not wait to get back especially to be around his family. That's what is so important to me. I love it when they're under my roof ... depending on how much time I have left. Chad scoffs - I was just at your funeral yet here you are. If anyone has 9 lives it's you. Stefano - That was a pretty stupid funeral. Anyway you have decided not to move in. Chad - Kristen's pushing it but I haven't made up my mind yet. Stefano - The important thing is that you and I work together to get back to our old days. The important thing is you are my son. That's all that counts.

Sami doesn't need to be reminded how Stefano operates. The idea of being in his debt does make her queasy but at the end of day I'll do anything for my kids. EJ - Including selling your soul to my father? Sami - Yes. If it means that Will gets to be in his daughter's life, yes. Come on, I know you'd do the exact same thing for Johnny. EJ - Of course I would. EJ - Okay, we agree that we don't talk to my father until we've exhausted every single other option. Sami - What other option and I mean another option that does not involve you going to the dark side. EJ - It's going to be a while before the baby is born and I have some lawyers looking into legal avenues that we have. Sami - All Gabi has to do is write Nick's name down on that birth certificate and she's willing to do anything for Nick. Alright, we'll wait before we talk to your father. Unless Will's back is against the wall then I won't hesitate. I will go to Stefano and ask him for a favour. Why aren't you still arguing with me? EJ - There may be another way to ensure my father helps us. Sami - Great what is it.

Brady tells John he invited Kristen to join them. Brady gets a call that he has to take. He steps away. Kristen - So John what are you really up to?

Segment 7: Rafe - What can I say; I've gotten to know Kate a little bit better. Gabi - Because of me and Will and the baby. Rafe - Exactly. She's not who I thought she was. She's cetainly not what Sami said she was. She's an interesting woman. Gabi - What's that supposed to me? Nick returns. Feel like getting married? Gabi - You were gone so long I thought you changed your mind. Nick - We better finish getting ready otherwise we'll be keeping people waiting. Gabi hugs Rafe. I'll see you later at the wedding.

Sonny joins Will at the square. Your text made it sound like things didn't go so well with Nick. Will - At least now I know what I'm doing wrong; treating him like he's the same guy he was before he went to prison. That was a big mistake. Sonny - What happened? Will - He honestly believes everything he's doing is right. Cutting me out of my daughter's life because I'm gay does not bother him at all. Here am I trying to be reasonable and it's a complete and utter waste of time. He doesn't care about what I want or what my baby girl might want when she's older. I don't think he even cares about what Gabi wants. The only thing he cares about is what he wants and that's what makes this such a losing battle. Sonny hugs him.

EJ - I think you're right. At some point Father might be our best option. Sami - Our only option. EJ - After speaking to him last night I think there is something that we could do that would ensure his cooperation. Sami - Whatever it is, I'll do it. EJ - I wouldn't be so hasty with your words. Sami - What are you thinking? EJ - I'm thinking that you and I and the children, we move into the mansion together.

Kristen - You're not answering my question. You're going to have to do a lot better than that if you want to win your son back. John - I was having a nice breakfast with my son up until now. Everything seems to be working out. Kristen - I think we both know this is a lot more than breakfast. I guess I didn't make myself clear last night. I'll try again. The only way to Brady is through me - she strokes his hand - think you can handle that?
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