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I truly, truly hope that they don't have John actually sleep with Kristen. Not because I'm some sort of J&M fanboy (I'm not; I'm all for characters breaking up for *legitimate* reasons), but because it would be TOTALLY out of character. The real John would never do it. When writers force a plot point through completely out-of-character actions, it demeans the character, the show, and is nothing more than lazy writing. In reality, John would actually *let* Brady stay with her and risk losing his relationship with his son before even contemplating such an act and betraying Marlena.

Days writers be warned! You run the risk of ruining what otherwise has been a good story. It's bad enough that John has been written as such a cruel idiot since January, and that Marlena has had her backbone removed (she should've told John to shove it). But those developments, while touching the border of being out-of-character, can be tolerated for the sake of the story. John actually sleeping with Kristen would be disastrous, and not in a good way. It would be totally inauthentic, and you can't do that with a character of nearly 30 years. Drake's tweets last month hinted that he had to act out something that was out of character. I pray this isn't it. If so, the writers will have blown it, because if that inauthentic plot point is played out, every plot point that follows will also be tainted.
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