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TSW has been updated through episode #45 (air date: 6/1/56). Juliet has a graduation party. Juliet's plans for Craig bring disappointment. Lenora attempts to play matchmaker for Juliet. The Aldens host their annual Memorial Day barbecue. Steven goes to the police.

an excerpt:
Maggie Alden stands at the kitchen counter gathering together supplies to take out for the family barbecue in the back yard. She pauses momentarily and thinks about how in years past she helped her late mother, Sarah Alden, perform the exact same tasks she’s now forced to do alone. Lost in her own thoughts, Maggie doesn’t hear her brother, Steven Alden, come up behind her. She’s startled when he puts his hand on her shoulder, but immediately laughs out of embarrassment. It is the first genuine laugh she’s experienced in quite a while and both she and Steven realize it and revel in it. The moment is quickly broken when their younger twin siblings, Andy and Amy, run through the kitchen and out the backdoor into the yard. For a brief moment it’s almost as if everything is exactly like it was before and none of them have much of a care in the world. Andy and Amy are out back playing the in the yard. Maggie can see their father, Lou Alden, through the window out by the barbecue. She and Steven are gathering up supplies for the picnic. Unfortunately, when Maggie sees her mother’s unused apron hanging on a hook by the stove (untouched since the car accident that claimed her life), it all comes crashing down around her and she crumples into her brother’s arms in heaving sobs. No, despite appearances, nothing is quite the same – and never will be again.

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