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Monday, March 18

Jennifer tells Kristen she thinks Daniel and Chloe slept together, but canít be sure because Chloe denied it.

Kristen urges her friend to fight for Daniel.†

Tuesday, March 19

A livid Brady tells John and Marlena he's through with them, leaving the pair more estranged than ever.

DVR Alert: Brady returns to Kristen and proposes marriage.

Wednesday, March 20

Eric and Hope take Vargas to the pub, where he sees Gabi and finds out she's Nickís wife.

DVR Alert: Nick gives Gabi shocking news regarding Will and the baby.

Thursday, March 21

Chloeís plan to bump into Daniel in San Francisco is derailed when she learns he cancelled his trip.

DVR Alert: Chloe goes to the Horton cabin, where she finds Daniel and Jennifer in the throes of passion.

Friday, March 22

Chloe is devastated by Daniel and Jenniferís reunion until Parker inspires her to come up with a diabolical new plan.

DVR Alert: Nick and Sonny get into a physical fight after Nick calls Sonny a faggot.


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