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Mar 16 2013, 11:57 AM
Mar 16 2013, 11:12 AM
Mar 16 2013, 09:44 AM
As much as I think the show has been greatly improved since the first of the year the Dannifer overload is threatening to undermine that. Just about every other story has had great balance...I don't understand why this story is the exception.
In theory, Fetch would be a great storyline. In theory that is. It's just unfortunate for us they built this around a couple most people don't care about, and in many cases out and out despise. This storyline (when we already know the likely ending) doesn't work when we're all rooting for the interloper to win and we know she's going to lose. If they had found a couple we wanted together, this storyline would be pretty great, imho.
They blew the theory all to hell because it doesn't fit the personalities, Chloe in particular. It doesn't fit the past history of Jack and Jen and her apparent ease and crappy treatment of Jack. It doesn't fit the sleezy persona of Neon Penis. The timing was all wrong. It WOULDA, coulda made a great story with better build-up of both the plot and the characters. But, alas, when Days plays Musical Writers........
The harder TIIC push Fetch, the worse it gets and the more the audience gags. This is force-feeding at its worst, and a textbook example of everything that can go wrong when characters are twisted and distorted to fit into a preconceived, prefabricated storyline, rather than letting the storyline grow organically out of the characters, who they are at the core, and who the audience recognizes them to be. And the four months ahead taping schedule ensures that relief isn't coming any time soon . . . if it ever does, because T&W's insistence on Fetch triumphing feels more and more like a purely ego-driven move. They didn't get their way about Safe, so they're hellbent on getting it about this couple, who are much, much worse, even if it means killing off or otherwise destroying characters who are far more loved and important to the show's history than their anointed Golden Boy, Daniel.
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