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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Richard Culliton

Segment 1: Brady finishes up his call outside the coffeehouse. Marlena walks up. Brady - How are you doing? Marlena - About the same. She's picking up a latte on her way to the hospital. Brady stops her. You can't go inside. John doesn't respond to Kristen. You're giving me the silent treatment huh. Well you're going to have to do better than that if you wanna win your son back. John pulls his hand away. It's been made clear to me that if I want to win my son back you are part of the bargain. I can deal with that. Marlena - What's in there that I'm not supposed to see. Brady - Dad. Marlena - Excuse me! Brady - He and I were having breakfast together. I came out here to return a call. He and I have a real chance to reconnect. Marlena - You don't want me to mess that up, is that it? I get that. I'm okay with that. How was your first night at the Dimera house? Brady - It was very comfortable. Marlena - Yes I'm sure Kristen made it quite comfortable. Have a nice day. She leaves. Kristen scoffs - So you're offering a truce. Is that what you want me to believe. John - I know you're sceptible of everything I say. Kristen - For good reason don't you think. John - So why don't you let me show you just how serious I am. Brady watches.

Sami shrieks - Are you serious! You want me to move into your father's house. EJ - That's what he wants and if you want his help dealing with Nick Fallon ... Sami - We tried living there before; you remember what happened. EJ - That was very different. We don't have any secrets between us at the moment. Sami - You want us to move in together. EJ - That's what I've always wanted you and me together, the children under one roof. Rafe walks by as they're kissing. Rafe - Don't worry. I'm just passing through. I'm on my way to Gabi's wedding. Sami - Be sure to give them my congratulations. Rafe - I will. She's very happy and I hope that once this is all over, the wedding that is, Gabi and Nick and Will can start focusing on giving this baby a great life. He's going to leave but Sami stops him. EJ tries to caution her but she tells him that he has to know. Rafe, you have to know what Nick has done.

Hope is following Jen around the Horton living room trying to convince her to talk to Daniel. Jen can't think about Daniel today. Hope - So what are you going to do? Just give up; roll out the red carpet for Chloe. Are you going to let her win. Jen cries - I can't do this right now.

Nick comes into Gabi's room. She tells him he's not supposed to see her in her wedding dress. Nick doesn't care. I just want to be with you on the first of the best days of our lives together. They kiss. March 15th, today I marry the love of my life. Gabi hugs him.

Vargas is working out in his cell. He puts an X on the 15th on his calendar. Lucky me. Today's the first day of the rest of my life.

Eric tells Father Matt that Vargas is being released from prison today. Father Matt says there's a room ready for him in the priest's quarters. Nicole hears this when she comes in. Are you two out of your minds?

Segment 2: Rafe - What are you talking about? What did Nick do? EJ - Let me tell him. You're future brother-in-law has been saying some pretty unkind things about Samantha since the incident at the hospital. Rafe - I'm sorry to hear that. We all thought my sister was going to lose the baby and things were said that shouldn't have been said. He leaves. EJ - Please tell me you weren't actually going to tell him what's going on. Sami - He deserves to know his sister is marrying a creep. EJ - What about William? Sami - I don't see how it would hurt Will for Rafe to know what a horrible person Nick is and what Nick is doing to Will. EJ - The first thing he would do is go to Nick and the first thing Nick will do is tell him everything about William. Sami - I just hate that Nick is getting away with this. EJ - Then maybe you should give some thought to what I'm suggesting. Sami - Okay. What about you? Are you seriously considering moving back into that house after everything you've been through.

Eric - I know this is hard after everything that happened here. Nicole - What happened? Seriously! Some drug addict almost killed both of us now you want to let some jailbird move in here. Eric - I'm sorry you're upset but I became a priest so I could help those that wanted to be helped. Nicole - Oh yeah, this guy is definitley going to want to help himself, that's for sure. Help himself to the silver chalices at the altar ... don't be surprised if you find the statues of the saints in some pawn shop. Eric - You've never even met this man. Nicole - I don't have to. Eric, why are you being so naive about this. What if this guy does something awful to you? Eric - I have to have faith. Nicole - Would you please listen to me; I actually think I know what I'm talking about here. Please do not let that guy move in here. What if he hurts you?

Vargas is in the visiting room. He recalls having a little chat with Nick in prison about Nick paying him back big time. Looks like that day is going to be today Nicky.

Caroline tells Gabi she has a little present for her. I carried this when I married Shawn. My grandmother gave me this and I thought it could be the something old; it certainly qualifies. She hands her a small bible. Gabi would be honoured. They hug.

Kristen doesn't know what to say. John laughs - That's got to be a first. Brady joins them - What did I miss here? John - I came here to talk to you alone but now that Kristen's here it's perfect because there is something that I want to say to the two of you.

Segment 3: Nick - You know, us being together, it's all because of you Caroline. If you'd never given me a job Gabi and I might never have met. Caroline - Well marriage is tough, especially in the beginning, so don't blow it. Nick - We won't. Caroline heads back to the kitchen. Gabi - Earlier Kate gave me these beautiful earrings and now I get this ... I can't believe that Will's family is being so nice. I think they all know we want to give this baby the life that she deserves. Nick - Yeah I hope so. They leave.

Eric - Nothing is going to happen to me. Nicole - You can't bring some criminal in here that might hurt you and take you away from St Luke's. Eric - It's not going to happen. Nicole - You don't know that. Eric - I think you're borrowing trouble. Nicole - No I'm not. I know what ex-con's are like. I know how they think. Eric - Because of your Dad. Nicole - No. Because I've been with a few ... do you not remember that I was in prison.

EJ and Sami are walking through the square. I'm absolutely not going to move into the house without you and the children. Sami - He is going to start working on you EJ and he is going to use us to do it. EJ - I know my father. He's been through hell. I think the only thing he wants to do is spend some time with his grandchildren and you know they could be quite a useful diversion. Sami - Right. You're telling me Stefano helping Johnny with his rock collection is going to stop him from being a pyschotic monster. EJ - It's not going to be just the two of us and him. Sami - Kate's moving back? EJ - No, Kate's long out of the picture. Sami - Thank God for that. EJ - Kristen will be there however. She moved back into the mansion with Brady. Sami - No, there is no way my brother is living with that cow in that mansion. It's not going to happen.

John - I know the two of you have strong feelings for each other. Brady - That's why we moved in together. John - It's the next logical step but you see this ... I never expected this which is why I had such a strong reaction to it. However I'm trying to look at things differently here so I would like to start all over again. Can we do that? Can we bury the hatchet?

Segment 4: Eric - Yes I do remember that you've been in prison which is why I would assume you would be so much more compassionate. Nicole - Look whoever this guy is I wish him the best. I hope he turns a corner in life; I hope he changes but I don't have faith that that's what he really wants for himself. I don't know why you think that you can create some kind of miracle for him. Eric - I did for you and it worked out alright, didn't it? Nicole - That's different. I just can't risk losing you again. Eric - I've got to get to Statesville. He leaves. Nicole - It's time I appeal to a higher power.

Brady - Just how do we start over? John - For starters, how about dinner, just the three of us tonight? Brady - What about Marlena? John - I don't think it's going to work. So what do you say, should I have my assistant make some reservations. Kristen - Why not, we have to eat right? It might be fun, just the three of us. John will contact his assistant. Brady mouths - Thank you. Kristen mouths back - You owe me. She then says she has to leave. John - Thanks for agreeing to this kid. Brady - Sure. What made you do it? Outside Kristen talks to herself. What is going on with you John? I know you'd rather stick needles in your eyes then accept me in Brady's life. What are you up to? This is going to be so much fun.

Sami - There's no way Brady would do that. He wouldn't do it to my mom or John or Victor. EJ - He moved in yesterday. Sami - I can't do it. I can't live with Kristen. EJ reminds her she worked with Kristen. Sami - She tried to kill my mother. EJ - Everyone tries to kill somebody every now and then. She probably feels really sorry. Sami gets very sarcastic - now we can be besties. EJ - You can at least try. The way things are going you could end up being related. Sami - Moving in there has disaster written all over it. EJ - Just remember why we're doing this. It's for William so if you have to suck up to my father and my sister that's exactly what you're going to do. Sami - Then I think we should get one thing clear first. If I say no I'm not moving in there then you are not moving in there either, right, even if your father orders you to.

Hope lets Rafe in. It's really nice of you to come; putting up a good front. Rafe - I have no idea what you're talking about. Hope - Oh no? I know you have misgivings about this marriage. I know you're not particularly happy about it. Rafe - Well here's the thing. I love my sister. She's the only one I've got left. She loves Nick and if I don't support this wedding I'm going to lose her ... besides Nick loves her, that's half the battle, right? Hope - Do you want me to convince you? Rafe - Nah, I've convinced myself. Hope - About what? Rafe - Oh I don't know ... just that this nagging feeling I have will go away once I see my sister happy, getting what she wants. Hope - This nagging feeling ... any idea what it's about? There's a knock on the door. It's Gabi and Nick. Hugs all around. Gabi is so glad Rafe is here. Hope - So are you ready? Nick - I've been ready for a long time. Is the Justice of the Peace here? Hope - Not yet, soon. Nick - Rafe, I actually wanted to have a quick word with you. Hope takes Gabi to get her flowers. Nick - There's just something I wanted to get off my chest.

Segment 5: EJ tells Sami he's not going anywhere without her and the children. If Will is serious about getting father's help he needs to go and see him and mend some fences. EJ gets a text. He has a meeting. Think about this ... it's your decision ... it's up to you. He leaves.

Nick - It means a lot to me that you're here today. Rafe - That's it? That's what you wanted to get off your chest? Nick - No. This is the house my parents were married in. Tom and Alice built this house because they loved each other and they loved family. So I wanted to clear the air and let you know that you're family to me now. You're my brother. Rafe shakes his hand. I wish you the best, I really do. They hug. Nick - I'm going to give Gabi a wonderful life. In the living room Jen says so now you have something blue, something old and now you need something new. She hands her a gift. Gabi - No, you're letting me get married in your house ... really, you don't have to get me anything. Hope tells her to open the box. It appears to be a silk scarf. Gabi - OMG, this is beautiful. Jen - That is from Jessica, Nick's mom, it came for you this morning. Hope hands her an envelope - It's from Jennifer and me. Gabi opens the card. Gabi, This bracelet belonged to Alice and one day it will be yours. Hope hands her a box - Here's your something borrowed. Gabi - Oh wow, thank you. I feel so blessed. Nick and Rafe enter the room. Nick - Just like I felt the first day I laid eyes on you.

Nicole paces. That is the last time I ask you for a favour Father Matt. Come on, think Nicole. Eric's going to get hurt. Caroline walks in - No one is going to hurt Eric.

John tells Brady that when he was in Italy he visited every town he saw with Brady's mother. As I walked around I started thinking about how much I loved her and how much I love you and I realised I have to figure this thing out or I'm about to lose the last living link I have with Izzy B. And I won't do that. Kristen or no Kristen. Brady appreciates that but I don't think your feelings about Kristen have changed and that's going to be a problem. And you still haven't answered my question about what you said on New Year's Eve. John - Damn it son, I was so upset then maybe I just misspoke. Brady - So you lied to me about what Kristen said to get what you want. Is that what you're saying to me.

Kristen walks up to Marlena who is at the nurse's station. Marlena looks up when Kristen speaks to her - I don't have to talk to you. She walks away. Kristen - Maybe you'd like to know that Brady did fine last night. He wasn't consumed by Satan or anything else. Marlena - Did you happen to know that Brady left the DiMera mausoleum this morning to have breakfast with his father. Kristen - How did you find that out? Marlena - I saw Brady outside the coffeeshop. Kristen - Did he tell you that I was there too? Marlena - You were there with John? Kristen - Yeah, just the two of us. Kind of like old times. You want to hear the real kicker. John has decided to accept me as the woman Brady loves. Marlena - I don't believe you. Kristen - You should. I don't want to ruin your day but the three of us are having dinner tonight. Marlena - You're trying to get me riled up and it's not going to work. Just then Kristen gets a text from John's assistant telling her what restaurant they're going to have dinner at tonight. She holds up her phone to Marlena.

Segment 6: Rafe tells Gabi that when Nick came in earlier he said he was going to take care of you and he will cause he's a good man and he's going to love you, provide for you and the baby and keep you safe.

Vargas is putting on street clothes.

JP - Do you Gabriella take Nicholas to be your lawfully wedded husband for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
Gabi - I do.
JP - Do you Nicholas take Gabriella to be your lawfully wedded wife for richer or poorer, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?
Nick - I do.
JP - You may exchange the rings now. Rafe hands them over.

Vargas slips a ring on to one of his fingers.

JP - By the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. Nick and Gabi kiss.

A guard tells Vargas he's a free man. Do you have any plans?
Vargas - As a matter of fact I do.

Nicole - I think Eric is making a really big mistake. Caroline - Well you might know about that. Nicole - Yeah, I'm the authority. Caroline - What's the mistake? Nicole - Will you believe me if I tell you? Caroline - I believe that you care about my grandson so what is this about Chloe?

John - I'm so sorry about what I said on New Year's Eve. Brady - You were lying to me ... John - Would you please listen. Kristen had upset Marlena to the point where Doc felt that she couldn't talk to me about Kristen anymore. She had no idea how to tell me about the two of you and because of that I was totally unprepared for what I walked in on. Not that there's a good way to see a woman from your past in the arms of your son so yeah I was shocked. I was upset on so many different levels that I ended up saying things that I now regret. Do you believe that? Brady - I've got to go. John - Are we still on for dinner tonight? Brady - We're on for dinner. He leaves.

Sami tells herself EJ is right when he told her if helping Will means she has to suck up to his sister and father she has to do it. If it means Will gets to be with his daughter I can make sucking up into an artform. She thinks about Kristen ordering her around and her sucking up to Kristen. LOL at Kristen saying - Father finds you so annoying. It's unfortunate you're so incompetent, isn't it? Kristen loves having Sami living there. Watching her bite her tongue, keeping all her feelings inside, the woman with the biggest mouth in the world forced to kowtow to the people she despises the most. Sami is bringing the martini she made for her. Kristen - I know you would love to throw that in my face but then you know I could pluck Nick Fallon from wherever I stashed him and he's going to steal that baby right back again. Sami tells herself - I can do it. For Will I can do anything.

Marlena - You're having dinner with John? Kristen - Yeah, isn't that great. I guess going to Europe by himself gave him the chance to think clearly for a change ... you know, without you braying in his ear. I guess he decided that his son is so important to him, that he's so anxious to reel Brady back in that he's decided he was wrong about me. Marlena - We'll see who's reeling whom back in. I'll just talk to John. Kristen - Except John's not talking to you. I guess you're just going to have to face the facts. John is back, apparently not for you. Ouch. She walks away.

Segment 7: Nicole - My name's Nicole, Mrs. Brady, not Chloe. Caroline - Oh, I know that. It's just that you two have your heads together so much I got mixed up. So what is the problem with Eric? Nicole - Eric is part of some prison outreach program or something. He's going to turn St Luke's into a halfway house. Caroline - What's wrong with that? Nicole - There's going to be an ex-con living here. Caroline - You? Nicole - No! Some guy he thinks has rehabilitated. I'm more cynical than that and I think you are too. Could you just talk to him please. Caroline - No. Nicole - Why? Caroline - Because maybe I'm not as cynical as you are. I trust my grandson's judgement. Maybe you should too. She leaves.

Vargas is signing papers when Eric arrives. Eric asks him if he's ready. Vargas - Yeah. I can't tell you how grateful I am for this opportunity. Eric - I'm happy to help you make this adjustment. Vargas - I think Salem's going to be the perfect fit for me.

Nick and Gabi kiss. Nick - We did it, you and me. No one is ever going to come between you and me and our family ever again. Do you hear that little girl?

Sami tells herself she can do this. Whatever they throw at me, I can do it for Will. Cue another daydream of Sami fawning all over Kristen. In this daydream she hears Marlena calling out - Run Sami, save yourself. Kristen doesn't hear a thing. Marlena - I'm begging you Sami, run for your life. Sami - That is my mother. It sounds like it's coming from the basement. Kristen - I've been meaning to have that basement soundproofed, silly me. Sami - You're doing it again. You're holding her hostage again! Kristen - You didn't have a problem with us dealing with Nick when he was in your way. Your mother's in my way. This is how the DiMera's solve problems. I think I need something crunchy. Would you get me those peanuts - chop, chop. Sami picks the martini Kristen set down and throws it in her face. Sami - Who am I kidding. I can't do this.

Brady and Kristen meet up in the park near the square. Kristen asks how it went after she left. It went. Dinner's still on it's just that my Dad is so bad at hiding his real feelings. Kristen - He misses you. No matter what he says he's worried about you. Brady - It's not just that though. I'm really beginning to understand why he acted the way he did when he found out about us. Kristen - Because he hates me. Brady - Quite the opposite I think. He talks a good game but I don't think he's ever gotten you out of his system.

Marlena comes into the pub and sees John sitting there. When she says his name he says hi. She asks if she can sit down. Sure. Marlena - It's really good to see you. I went a couple rounds with Kristen. She told me that you're taking her and Brady to supper. Silence. I didn't believe it when she said it ... Oh I get it, I know what you're doing. You came back to town to nail her. You're going to destroy her, aren't you?
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