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The Room Stops
Mar 16 2013, 01:01 PM
Mar 15 2013, 10:18 PM
Ej is so damn dull now. I can't believe they thought this was the way to go with him. I keep expecting things to turn and for him to be someone of interest again, but this butcher job keeps going on and on.

When did Marlena become such a patsy? This woman is shrewd and a fighter, but you'd never know it the way she's ambling around.

Vargas creeps me out. I don't want Nicole near him! In fact I want Nicole to get her ass out of that convent. I can't stand how squashed her personality has become while there. I want crazy, fun loving, confident, with a scheme in her back pocket Nicole, not this whiny, worrisome woman who wrings her hands over her secret desire for yet another guy she just can't have.
I think they ruined this by not making it Eric who is the one struggling hardcore with fantasies. I'd like it if Nicole had no idea what a temptress she was to him.

I got a laugh out of Sami's fantasy. I'd love it even more if it turned out to be reality a month down the line.

Rafe looked HOT in that suit!
This is the woman who shot Stefano DiMera on a catwalk at a concert hall, because he'd messed with her family one too many times. That was BEFORE he put her in a cage, and before he caused her to become possessed, and before he tried to have her soulmate executed. She may be a good person, but she's not a sitting-down-waiting-for-something-to-happen kind of good girl.
I agree! That's the woman I want to see.
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