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Mar 11 2013, 06:31 PM
who from the show's past would you want Hope to hook up with??
If this was 20 years ago and the show had a budget (YES that is a HUGE factor in the stories being told), there would be no question in having the character move on and in a proper manner. Bo should have been killed off when he left, but for BTS reasons, he wasn't. I am not surprised in the least about where Hope is right now, even with Bo on canvas, they most likely would still have been used sparingly. Just look at 2010/2011 (even in middle of a major SL they were not on enough to tell the story). I think PR had a less episode quota guarantee than KA so he would barely be around, plus Tomlin has made it no secret that he was not a fan of the character of Bo (and Hope) and PR. He also isn't a fan of the type of writing for long term couples/storytelling that take a well thought out intricate plan. So if PR does come back it won't be until Tomlin is gone.

This show needs new blood and Daniel needs to go. I still can't believe this character has been on 5 years already and it's been a pretty much a waste. I still remember one of his first scenes on Days, he was hitting on Hope in front of Bo while he was on his death bed. :ermm: The character sucks period, mostly because they never developed him and stuck him in random pairings along the way to 'fit the plot'. I also don't understand this whole Hope and Rafe make perfect sense. Why, because they are both cops? Lame and lazy. Rafe is a cheap watered down crappy version of original Roman and now Bo? NO thanks.

As for who from the show's past would be ideal for Hope? Well Hope's past from her boarding school days is largely unknown even many factions of the PG stuff when she was an art thief. Hope had many suitors way back when. There is also the guy, I think his name was Jason, that asked Hope out for a date at the Academy back in early 1985 that could come back to town and start something or Larry's brother seeking revenge or even someone from Bo's past. Plus you have all of the other storylines from the 80s to draw characters from. No one currently on canvas should be paired with Hope. New Character, chemistry testing, a plan, just like they did for Bo when Hope 'died' in 1990.
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