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Mar 15 2013, 07:08 PM
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AND....to give Nick "an out", I think he was raped by a man in jail. It's no excuse, and still needs to get the living shit beat out of him, but knowing this show, and it's need to give a reason for everyone's motives and actions (ESPECIALLY If you are a Horton or a Brady), I think they will go there.
I agree. I never understood this line of thinking that Nick must have been raped in prison to be homophobic. Its basically blaming a gay person for Nick being the way he is. I don't care if he was rape by a hundred guys it doesn't excuse or explain his behavior.

And since there hasn't been a Horton treated well on this show in years, I doubt being a Horton will have any sway on this show.
Bingo. I think they are hinting that Nick was raped in jail, but that would be awful and lazy writing, implying that homophobia comes about for good reason. It doesn't. There are plenty of homophobes who would cheer Nick on who haven't been raped by a gay person.
Extremely lazy, predictable and troublesome writing. This was just done on GH with Michael being raped in prison. And I'd hate for them to show that a person has to be raped in prison to be homophobic. If that's the case I would have rather seen Lucas stay the homophobic one to show homophobia just happens because of a person's beliefs and not based on a horror that happened their life. Why do such a tasteful gay story and then show that guys like to rape other guys? It just defeats the purpose of the the gay story they spent over a year to tell IMO. I am again trying to hold out hope there might be actual shock value to Nick's time in prison. I think Blake is a fab actor but hate the idea of Nick being raped. At least do something different like Nick feeling lost and willingly experimenting in prison or doing what he needed to do to get out of prison.
I don't know. It's not unheard of that, when a woman is raped by a man, she might fear or loathe men in general afterward. Maybe it's different and it doesn't excuse homophobia, of course - but I could see how a man having been raped in prison might transfer the fear and pain that it brought onto homosexuals. It's a difficult thing when an act of love is used as an act of violence. That's the necessary distinction that a victim has to make and it can be difficult to see through the prism of your own experience. The victim needs to recognize that the act perpetrated on them wasn't motivated by desire or love but by anger and a desire to control and/or to inflict pain. And that it has nothing to do with sex at all.

I'd find it a lot easier to understand Nick's point of view if it arose from something that happened to him - rather than it coming from religious or otherwise cultural disapproval. It also, I think, makes it more likely he might be redeemed one day as his redemption might come from the resolution of his own internal conflict. It may be an easier story to tell but I think it's more inherently dramatic. I can't imagine any soap trying to take on converting people's views on this subject if those views arise from religious conviction - at least not these days. It's been my experience that when those views arise that way, you will never convince the person otherwise even if they "have lots of friends who are gay". So, having Nick's views be based on something that happened to him has a better shot at a realistic and dramatic resolution.

In a lot of ways, I don't think Sonny's any more in the right for assaulting Nick than Nick is for his homophobic slur. I like the "Love is Louder" campaign specifically because it takes a higher road. We'll never begin to convince a homophobic person that they're wrong by beating the snot out of them. The best you can do by meeting hate with hate is to, maybe, drive it underground. You can't kill hate with hate. You can only kill it with time, understanding and love.

'Course if it were me and someone called me a really awful name, I might lash out too.
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