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Mar 16 2013, 01:10 PM
I guess I'm trying to come up with a way this Chloe/Dannifer storyline could have been great even in theory. I just don't see it. Even if we reduce it to its generic essence -- a man learns that he's really the father of a child from a previous marriage just as he's moved on with someone else -- it's been done so many times in soaps before that it's not "great" imo, but rather tiresome and cliche.

The Hope/Bo/Billy/Chelsea version was certainly better than this time around, but the very notion is a little seedy and Maury Povich-esque, if you ask me. Still, with Bo & Co, there were times when we could actually feel sympathy and affinity for the various players involved, but here, not a chance. (Yes, Parker's cute and all, but if he left Salem tomorrow, I wouldn't be heartbroken.)

I guess my point is that even if we remove these awful and awfully rendered characters from this story, it still wouldn't be all that great with these writers at the helm. There are no real stakes, no real promise for character growth, no significant changes at hand for any of the key players. It's just blah. Filler. It would be boring and cliche no matter what, but with these incredibly weak and dumb-downed characters at its core, it's downright painful to watch.

I am having trouble thinking of how it could have been better - basically I just hate Fetch fullstop. It MIGHT have been a better story if Dan had been shown to actually do some soul searching about his past treatment of Chloe and express regret for throwing her and Parker out. He should have expressed some guilt, especially after finding out that Parker was his child. It would also have been infinitely better if Chloe had been in true character and he had found himself still attracted to Chloe (even if no longer in love with her). Having Chloe back as an "evil witch" was just as dumb as having Jennifer not mourn Jack so as usual the women look bad while Dr Glow dithers around looking confused and blameless. Also knowing that Fetch are still together in July does nothing to inspire me to watch.
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