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The Hantz's want attention. I bet you everything they do is completely planned, though they all seem 'off'. I really hope the show is done for them but Probst has a hard-on for Russell because he gets people talking, which I get, but you can only watch someone so many times. I finally started liking Boston Rob but he kept being shoved down our throats until he finally won.

Even though this is a fresh bunch of returnees, I'm just over the constant need to have 'favorites' every season. I'm glad the ratings were down a bit just for that fact.

Also, this season just wasn't that great. Probst was hyping it up and it's FINALLY delivering. Erik and Brenda haven't had a confessional since EPISODE 1. Yep. Seriously. Unbelievable. Granted, they might not be the most entertaining but seriously? I'm going to guess we're with them for a while or they just ultimately don't matter.

I feel like any tribe switch is going to screw the fans. They were pretty much doomed from the start because of the instant divide between "the hotties and the misfits".

The favorites at least worked together a lot better than I thought, though I can't wait for Philip to go. I hope he does soon because, Brandon situation aside (which I thought he handled well at the challenge), he's too much. Andrea always looks ready to cut someone. Love her. And Corinne's been surprisingly tolerable. I worry about her spike in airtime and she and Malcolm seem tight. I feel like we have all these factions that just aren't really explained like Philip/Andrea, Brenda/Erik, Cochran/Dawn (well, that was explained and obvious from the start LOL), Malcolm/Corinne ... I kind of liked the initial alliance between Brandon and Erik.

So far this season has been meh. But this past week was great and next week looks good too, so I'm hoping it perks up.

I wonder if a fan wins based on the crappy editing for the favorites? No one on the favorites screams winner to me yet but I've barely paid attention at times so am I missing anything? LOL
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