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Mar 16 2013, 08:50 PM
My guess is that we'll see Dannifer pretty heavily over the next couple of weeks because they're wrapping up part of it.
Um, can they wrap up ALL of it?

The relationship too?



It's really hard to root for these two. It just is. I might've been able to do it if circumstances had been different, but they're not. It's been tough for me to see how little time Jennifer has spent mourning Jack. She was thinking about and chasing Dan VERY quickly after Jack's death. Then the writers saw how negatively that was taken, so they thought, "We'll throw in a few scenes of Jennifer looking at Jack's picture and sighing." After the sighing, she'd go chase Daniel again. Or Nicole, to berate her about her scheming. Now she has Chloe to berate.

Pattern here.

And Daniel? I don't trust his affection. It has no staying power. Whenever he breaks up with someone, he immediately looks to his next conquest. The only reason he hasn't done that is because they never keep Daniel and Jennifer apart for more than two days at a time. They argue, make up, argue, then make up...lightning fast.

I'd rather they stay in argue mode and then move out of each other's orbits.

I saw Kayla and Maxine matchmaking, and while love Kayla and Maxine and I basically have nothing against matchmaking...it's for a couple I can't root for, so it's pointless.

Matchmaking is only a good thing if I WANT the arguing couple to work things out. That's one of the prerequisites. I have to be ROOTING for them first.

Um, hey. Not rooting over here.


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