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Brady, haven't you heard that blood is thicker than water?
That means you should side with John and Marlena, not with your flavor-of-the-moment.

I don't mind Sami's out-of-nowhere pink streak. The first time seeing it, it seemed like a gift to the fans. "We get it - she's a rebel, not a heroine or Marlena redux." And that made me so appreciative. That kind of in-character writing and presentation is why I'm regularly watching Days again.

Nicole: Like Fr. Eric, I had forgotten you were in prison, too!
But then, so many characters have been in jail on this show that you almost assume everyone's an ex-con.

Also, did I miss something? It's only a matter of time before Kate realizes Will signed away his rights to the baby. How can this possibly be kept a secret? And who would believe Will voluntarily did this?

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