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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepSonny and Nick Fight
Exactly. They want me to feel bad for Gabi? Not going to happen. I'm still holding out hope that once Will finds out what Gabi did to Mel that he finally turns on her. There has to be a reason Sonny hasn't told Will yet. Sonny still holds it against Gabi and doesn't see her as some innocent victim.

Can't wait for Sonny to finally take Nick down. Maybe this will finally encourage Will that he needs to man up and fight for his baby.
Gabi did not intentionally cause the explosion.Gabi is one of the few Salem felons in recent memory who did say she was sorry for what she did and she planned to turn herself in to police for it until she was talked out of it and stopped after Chad signed the agreement to save himself after assaulting Nick.If Gabi was only thinking about herself,she would not question Will about his decision to give up his rights to his daughter or assaure him that he will be part of his baby's life after Nick told her he pressured Will to give up his rights and tried to scare her concerning Sami and Sonny.
Chad would likely be married to Melanie if he had told her what Gabi did as soon as he found out and Gabi would have accepted her punishment.This also would have occured if Chad had been willing to accept the consequences for his actions in assaulting Nick instead of trying to cover his ass.For these reasons I am willing to give Gabi the same "pass" given to Stefano,Kate,Victor,Kristin,Sami,EJ,Will,and Chad to a lesser extent.
Gabi strikes me as someone who says whatever she needs to say to appease the person she is talking to. I see her as sitting back and letting Nick do all the dirty work while she benefits from it. Once Nick tells her he pressured Will to give up his rights if she really wanted to do the right thing she would make Nick tear the agreement up. To let the agreement stand and tell Will she will "let" him be a part of his childs life is not the right theing to do. It is not up to her to "let" him do anythng when it comes to his daughter. If she truly was against what Nick did she would be questioning him about the kind of pressure he put on Will. She knows Will was finally excited about the baby and really wanting to be involved. However, she doesn't because while she won't admit it she doesn't want Will to be a real part of the child's life in a way that might interfere with on her and Nick. Once again Nick does the dirty work and she benefits. I refuse to buy into poor misled Gabi. She knows something is going on and she is choosing not to find out what so she can play the innocent.
The spoiler states she assures Will he will be part of his baby's life stating it as a fact because she does know he wants to be part of his daughter's life.,not not that she is going to "let" or allow him to be part of the baby's life.Nick has physical possession of the document,Gabi cannot "make" Nick tear up the agreement.If Nick attempts to initiate legal proceedings to terminate Will's parental rights and Gabi does not intervene or if Gabi allows Nick's name on the birth certificate,I will have a problem with her behavior but so far I see her as trying to support the man she loves and her friend.Gabi went to Will to question and assure him after Nick finally told her what he did in blackmailing Will. If she did not want Will to be a real part of the baby's life she would not be talking to Will at all.
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