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Ratfink I agree 100%. the damn writers are bringing on too damn many newbies and replacing actors with ones JFP likes and I cannot get invested in a one of them .. At first I didn't like Blake in the role of Kyle either but finally I like him and now he is going to be replaced with some asshole with crazy looking hair and a nutty looking face and I am supposed to like him. What is with the crazy looking hair with what are supposed to be men on the show? the damn cupie doll look with hair sticking up in a little point is even a ugly style for a little boy much less a grown man and then MM and that pile of crap on top of his head. Give us someone that looks like a man instead of a overgrown man wanting to look like a a teenager. I want to see more men on the show that look like real men instead of overgrown idiots.
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