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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepSonny and Nick Fight
Exactly. They want me to feel bad for Gabi? Not going to happen. I'm still holding out hope that once Will finds out what Gabi did to Mel that he finally turns on her. There has to be a reason Sonny hasn't told Will yet. Sonny still holds it against Gabi and doesn't see her as some innocent victim.

Can't wait for Sonny to finally take Nick down. Maybe this will finally encourage Will that he needs to man up and fight for his baby.
Gabi did not intentionally cause the explosion.Gabi is one of the few Salem felons in recent memory who did say she was sorry for what she did and she planned to turn herself in to police for it until she was talked out of it and stopped after Chad signed the agreement to save himself after assaulting Nick.If Gabi was only thinking about herself,she would not question Will about his decision to give up his rights to his daughter or assaure him that he will be part of his baby's life after Nick told her he pressured Will to give up his rights and tried to scare her concerning Sami and Sonny.
Chad would likely be married to Melanie if he had told her what Gabi did as soon as he found out and Gabi would have accepted her punishment.This also would have occured if Chad had been willing to accept the consequences for his actions in assaulting Nick instead of trying to cover his ass.For these reasons I am willing to give Gabi the same "pass" given to Stefano,Kate,Victor,Kristin,Sami,EJ,Will,and Chad to a lesser extent.
Gabi intentionally left Melanie to rot in Andrew's prison because she was too cowardly to turn herself in and explain herself, and that was when she had actually only done shady but not illegal things. When she left Melanie, her supposed friend, to be likely assaulted, raped or even killed, she showed what was at the core of her character.

Also, Will has repeated expressed remorse for shooting EJ and repeatedly said he should have taken responsibility. There's also a long list of Salemites who have shown remorse for their actions, not the least of which is Nicole who has been shown doing penance (sexily I might add).
I agree Gabi was wrong to put herself interest ahead of Melanie's safety but she did go into the tunnel to help Melanie escape putting her own safety at risk,she stated what she did was wrong, and she was planning to turn her self in to police and accept the punishment but she was talked out of it by Rafe and Nick just like Will who allowed Sonny,Lucas,Sami,and EJ to talk him out of turning himself in for shooting EJ.
I agree that I have seen Nicole express true remorse for the baby swap and the fiasco with Jennifer when her baby died and I have seen Will twice make statements about accepting responsibilty for shooting EJ after Nick began his blackmail scheme but for the life of me I cannot recall him repeatedly expressing actual remorse for shooting EJ.I have heard Sami and EJ making joking remarks about her shooting him and him kidnapping Sydney but I don't recall them seriously expressing remorse.I think I have watched all episodes since the spring of 2009 but my viewing was hit or miss prior to this time.Not being confrontational ,I really am interested to know the names of the other Salemites expressing true remorse for their criminal behavior.
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