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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

Adam had lost a lot of his edge. He is the next Victor Newman in my mind. :ermm: So, I wanted to get back to his complex and conflicted relationships with his father and with the Newman family, and being the outsider trying to get inside

First fucking mistake right there Josh Griffith. It is ONLY ONE GOT DAMN VICTOR CHRISTIAN NEWMAN and Adam ain't it that's Hope & Cliff Wilson Kid he was not raised with Victor and was not apart of him other than rearing the sperm that made him.

Michelle is a superb actress and she wants to act. She is going to have a really fabulous big story.
Well, we feel she is having a big story with what she has been doing, which is being the savior of Jack.

LMFAO! Whoops swift tongue ay Josh(In other words JG saying that heffah is already being written for) Well Well he nip that in the bud then had to comeback an elaborate that MS would indeed have more story coming. I still think they toying around w/the idea of She & Kyle. Hartley is B.Hood replacement for a reason.

Overall from the interview though these two are in sink with one another like there Santa Barbara days and knows exactly what type of questions to gloss over as they did here because they both was spinning bullshit on some of it but ultimately what J.Farren says GOES can't nobody make me think otherwise.
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