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Mar 17 2013, 07:57 AM
Friday (Dangerous Driving)
Bill makes a risky decision; Maya and Rick share a steamy kiss.
First, thanks daytime, you are the Posted Image

To hypocrite number one, Bill
All of the sudden he cares about the profits at FC, yet when HFTF was tanking the company and ruining his son life, he did nothing. Now he cares about the success of FC because it losing money under Rick's leadership, GMAFB.

Hypocrite number two, Rick
Double standard, Rick considering you were throwing stones at Steffy on her relationship with Liam, and yet you lied and manipulated to get to Caroline, and now Maya makes you a better person, GMAFB. Poor Maya, little does she know as soon as Thomas has a new girlfriend, Rick will drop her like a hot potato, period. It too much to ask soap gods that Thomas walks on Rick and Maya kissing. :hail:
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